Your Options When Faced with a Hysterectomy

Lately health insurance agencies are cracking down on hysterectomy claims. This is because they believe that patients should try other forms of treatment before they opt for the hysterectomy procedure. There are not many alternatives to this procedure in existence. If you were to decide on a procedure other than a hysterectomy, chances are you would still need to have one performed in the future.

It is weird how many insurance companies consider a hysterectomy and elective surgery. If this procedure were elective, then why do so many women have a hysterectomy? Also, why would a woman electively choose to put her body under the knife unless it was truly needed? Maybe because of women in the past who would have hysterectomies performed as a precaution? Today women do not have the time unless the surgery was truly needed.

If you are told that you have to have a hysterectomy, you might want to consider your options. There are some alternatives like non-surgical procedures to support the pelvic organs. Endometrial ablation is being used now with great success. Like a hysterectomy, you may never bleed again. There are other procedures such as:



Uterine fibroid embolization

There are also some non-surgical things a woman could to do lessen their chances of needing a hysterectomy. Some things like women should cut down on aspirin, if they take it for pain relief, or find another pain medication all together. Bleeding can be heavier for those who take aspirin because it is a blood thinner. People should also try simple dieting and exercising.

Hysterectomies are a medical procedure that could be the only option in some cases. In other cases there are alternatives. These alternatives should be discussed with your doctor, or researched on your own to find out what is the best option for your condition.” target=”_blank Hysterectomy Vaginal Articles, Resources and Information” target=”_blank

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