Wheel Chair Lifts – What Are Your Options?

Wheel chair lifts are the perfect solution in helping people with wheel chairs get up and down in homes, buildings and hospitals. These mechanical lifts can come in either electrical or hydraulic power. There are several different types and styles of wheel chair lifts. Let’s look at a few of them.

A wheel chair lift will either be based on a retractable platform or a fold up type. All platforms are designed with safety in mind first and foremost. They have non-slip platforms that lower themselves to the ground, allowing the wheel chair to easily roll away.

The wheel chair lifts also have safety features such as railings, straps and barriers to prevent possible accidents from happening.

Wheel chair lifts save money by eliminating the need for expensive elevators or ramps and allow anyone the freedom to be able to move to various locations with greater ease.

Wheel chair lifts come in several different styles including:

Platform Lift – This is the most common type of wheel chair lift and is used in homes, business, churches and schools everywhere. It completely avoids having to deal with stairs.

Vertical Lift – This type of lift can be used as an elevator in the home or business due to the fact it can be specifically designed for any application.

Portable Lift – These wheel chair lifts are great because of them being portable. At events that have bleachers or platforms they make it easy to get up and down.

These are just a few of the many wheel chair lift options that are available, but there are several variations on each one as well.

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