What Women Need To Know About Seeing Fat Loss Results

I’ve been exercising daily for an hour for
a month now, why can’t I see my results?

I can understand how frustrating that can be.
You workout hard and you don’t see results.

First off, what are the results you are looking for?
If you are looking to lose scale weight then you will
always be heartbroken. Step away from the scale,
in fact if you have one I suggest you put it in the closet
or better yet throw it away. Many women have a scale
mentality. My goal is to change that and educate women
that muscle weighs more than fat. You can weigh 150
lbs and be a size 4, 6, or 8, it really doesn’t matter.
You need to go by your clothing size and body fat.

If you understand that about the scale and you are not
seeing the results in the mirror and in your clothes as
you would like then I would look to see first what your
nutrition looks like. I get 99.9% of women that have this
challenge and it’s mostly diet related. It typically because
they aren’t eating enough! That’s right, not enough calories.
If your not eating enough your body actually holds onto body
fat making it impossible to see any changes even if your
exercising like crazy too. As soon as you eat the right
amount of calories for your body to lose fat then you will
start to see and feel the changes. I show women how eating
more frequently throughout the day will help your body to be
more efficient in burning fat.

Now, let’s also look at what your workouts are like.
Are you training with enough intensity (meaning the last couple
of reps are the most challenging) if not then that is huge in
not seeing any changes and are you taking long breaks in
between your workouts? This diminishes the fat-burning affects.

What about cardio? Are you leisurely walking on the treadmill
for about an hour? If so, you can change up the pace by doing
a shorter cardio session with intervals that will have your body
burning more fat!

If you aren’t seeing changes about every 3 weeks then you need to
adjust your entire nutrition and training program.

Heather Picken, ISSA/P.C.P.T. helps women feel the freedom of achieving a lean, fit, and healthy body even after 30 and even after having kids. She empowers women all over the world with her revolutionary fat-burning system, exclusively for women 30 mybodyisfitnow.com mybodyisfitnow.com

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