What Acne Alternative Treatments Work?

If you suffer from acne then you will have heard that there are many acne alternative treatments available to use in successfully eliminating your acne, zits and cysts. In this article you will learn what these acne alternative treatments involve, and how well they combat acne lesions. I mean, there is a vast amount of information on literally thousands of websites about these acne alternative treatments, so I hope I will save you lots of time by giving you a good summary of them all.

The first acne alternative treatment you may try, assuming you have already done the conventional route without success (namely, antibiotics, Accutane, cleansers etc), is to use vitamins, minerals and other supplements in the hope that they will help clear your skin. Often stated as being effective is Zinc, Vitamin E and Vitamin A. However, do not fall for all the hype surrounding supplements curing acne, as in reality they will only make a small difference to how clear your skin is. When treating acne, pimples, whiteheads and blackheads you need to make other changes to your lifestyle, rather than just relying on supplements.

The most effective means to clearing your acne that doctors do not recognize or recommend due to lack of scientific data, yet which through thousands of testimonials proves to be a valid acne alternative treatment, is dietary changes. Known pustule and cyst causing foods are vegetable oil and sugar, and cutting these out of your diet for just a few days often produces fantastic clear ups. One thing is for sure, if you want acne breakouts then simply drink down half a glass of vegetable oil and your wish will come true. The best anti-acne diet is actually an anti-inflammation diet, and only a few simple changes to what you eat are necessary to follow this acne clearing diet plan.

Highly recommended by those in the natural health community is for an acne sufferer to see a Naturopath. These are professional alternative healers who treat the body holistically and often provide great relief from conditions like acne. Rather than rely on chemical treatments like Accutane or other conventional acne treatments like antibiotics and acid cleansers, they use natural means to resolving even the worst cases of acne. As well as recommending supplements and diet changes, they will often look for other deep rooted reasons for your acne, such as liver problems or a dirty colon, and provide an acne alternative treatment plan.

In fact, a dirty colon is often the cause of acne, as it disrupts the digestion process and can inhibit the absorption of vital nutrients, with a deficiency in nutrients being a cause of acne, blemishes, pimples or cysts. There are some expensive colon cleansing supplements on the market that you will often find while searching, but cheaper ones do the job just as well. Liver cleansing is a protocol you will need professional help with and requires more than just a liver cleansing supplement to complete the job, so if you plan to do this then you should visit a Naturopath.

There are other cleansing and detoxification procedures, such as kidney cleansing and parasite cleansing, but the main ones are colon and liver cleanses. Doing these, as well as changing your diet to an anti-inflammation diet and taking a few regular supplements like Vitamin E and Vitamin C, are incredibly powerful acne alternative treatments, and should be done at the same time for the best results.

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