Weight Lifting for Fat Loss – 2 Stellar Tips to Boost Your Metabolism

Weight training for fat loss can be the best thing you do in the gym if you want to lose some of those unwanted pounds.

Most people try to just use the strength training machines or avoid weight training all together.

The truth is that weight training for fat loss performed the right way can burn lots of calories, boost your metabolism, and give you more strength and support around your joints.

This article is going to show you some ways you can improve the time and overall effectiveness when it comes to weight training for fat loss.

Here are 3 awesome tips for weight training for fat loss.

WEIGHT TRAINING FOR FAT LOSS TIP #1: Shorten your workout with circuit training.

When most people do weight training for fat loss, they get on a strength training machine and to 3 sets 10 of using a weight that is for the most part not challenging. Then, they go onto the next machine, and the next, and the next.

You want to try to focus your weight training for fat loss efforts more so on using a circuit training format that focuses more on bodyweight and dumbbell exercises.

By adding circuit training for your weight training for fat loss, you can get a lot of work done in a short amount of time.

An example of a fat loss circuit training routine would look like this:

1. Pushups

2. Bodyweight squats

3. 1 arm DB row

4. Hamstring leg curls on stability ball

5. Crunches on stability ball

6. Overhead DB shoulder press

7. Planks

REPS: 10-12 each

REST PERIODS: 30-45 secs


With this type of weight training workout, you can see that each exercise is either a multi joint or core exercise. By focusing on the multi joint exercises, you spend more time working more muscles. The more muscle you use, the more calories you will burn, and the more fat you will lose.

Weight training for fat loss really does not have any negatives when you do it correctly. It makes you stronger, increases your metabolism, burns more calories, and the list can go on!

WEIGHT TRAINING FOR FAT LOSS TIP #2: Do weight training before you do interval training cardio.

Instead of doing your weight training for fat loss after doing 30 minutes at the same speed on a cardio machine, lets change it up a little bit.

You are going to do your weight training for fat loss at the very beginning of your workout after a proper warmup (5-10 mins on a cardio machine).

If you do your weight training for fat loss after you do a long time on a cardio machine, you will have already used a lot of the energy that you need to work your muscles the way you need to!

So warmup, then do weight training, then try doing some interval training.

Interval training is a great addition to a weight training for fat loss routine. It basically consists of going back and forth between high and low intensities for preset amounts of time.

For example, you might go 2 minutes slow and then 1 minute fast on an elliptical. Then, repeat that 2-1 round 3-6 times. In order to make it work, you really need to push yourself in that intense minute!

Interval training is a great part of a comprehensive weight training for fat loss program, but be sure to check with a doctor first. If you are deconditioned then you want to make sure you are physically able to do it safely in the beginning!

So in conclusion, weight training for fat loss combined with interval training 2-3 times per week is the perfect formula for doing a great exercise routine in a time efficient manner.

Work hard, be persistent, and good luck =)

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