Vertical Jump Bible – 4 Myths Busted By The Vertical Jump Bible

If you see a short guy dunk a basketball, you might think, wow, I wish I had his genes. Well, the guy who wrote the Vertical Jump Bible, Kelly Baggett, is 5’9” and he can dunk. He says he wrote his book because there is so much bad information out there. This article will look at 4 myths that keep people from maximizing their vertical jump.

Myth #1

You’ll double your vertical jump in 6 weeks. Guaranteed. You’re bound to read something like this if you’re looking to buy a vertical jump program. But it’s an impossible promise, because everyone is different. Are you a beginner or have you been training for a while? Do you have good genetics? The Vertical Jump Bible only promises to show you how to make gradual gains. It says that gains are possible only with if you train consistently and correctly and you don’t hurt yourself.

Myth #2

All you have to do is heavy squats in the weight room and you’ll be living above the rim. This is actual advice that many basketball coaches and strength trainers give. Sure, squats are effective. But do you know how to do squat effectively for vertical jump improvement? And what about speed and power? The Vertical Jump Bible was written by a man who recognizes that each aspect of leaping requires a different training method.

Myth #3

You have to have a large amount of fast-twitch muscle fibers to be able to jump high. Fast twitch fibers are the biggest, fastest, and strongest fibers. But they are NOT directly responsible for vertical jump ability. Who has the biggest fast twitch fibers…powerlifters. Do you see any of them getting off the ground? In the” target=”_blank Vertical Jump Bible, Kelly Baggett explains that the mind to muscle connection is more important than muscle fibers.

Myth #4

You don’t have to be flexible to be a good leaper. Most guys I play ball with think stretching is a waste of time. How much time do you spend stretching before practice or a game? On my high school team, there was one kid who took stretching seriously. The rest of us were slow country boys, but he had ups. Baggett includes research done by Russian trainers in his book, which apparently allows you to see if your flexibility is the best it can be.

Each of these myths, if believed, can prevent you from achieving your vertical jumping goals. FACT: Vertical jumping is NOT well-documented in the exercise science field. If you want to increase your vertical jump, you should only take advice from people who can back it up. If they can’t dunk themselves, can they really help you?

Tyson Thomas is a strength and conditioning coach who specializes in preparing high school players to play college basketball. When designing a program for a player, the Vertical Jump Bible is one resource he refers to regularly. Read his excellent review here Vertical Jump Bible.

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