Using Zinc For Acne – How Does It Work?

There are many vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids considered as helpful in preventing acne breakouts. Among all these, zinc is making a great impact. If you’re looking for a safe and painless way to treat your acne, consider taking zinc supplements.

What is Zinc?

Zinc is a mineral that’s probably best known for boosting the body’s immune system. Zinc can be found in more than two hundred enzymes; it is, in fact, the mineral with the greatest quantity present in enzymes. One of the primary functions of zinc is helping white blood cells – the antibodies in our blood – continue with their normal activities. Without zinc, not all of our white blood cells will be able to function.

Sources of Zinc

Lots of acne products and treatments already contain zinc. Besides that, you can take zinc supplements to increase zinc levels in your body. Also, zinc can be found in various foods like nuts, sunflower seeds, peas, beans, whole grains, poultry, eggs, dairy, and lean beef.

How Zinc Works against Acne

It was mentioned earlier on that zinc can boost our body’s immune system. This is good news in terms of acne prevention and treatment. Remember that the two biggest causes for acne breakouts are bacteria and hyperactive sebaceous glands. When your immune system malfunctions, it can sometimes cause sebaceous glands to work more than it should, which then leads to increased oil levels. And as always, where oily skin exists, so does acne.

Secondly, the immune system is the body’s main defense against all sorts of illnesses, whether they’re caused by bacteria, viruses, or any foreign body entering our system. When the immune system is weak, harmful substances find it easier to get inside our body and some of these may lead to acne breakouts.

Obviously, with these in mind, zinc will help prevent acne breakouts simply by keeping our immune system strong and healthy.

Potential Advantages of Using Zinc Supplements

No Scarring. This is one of the greatest concerns expressed by people when considering acne treatments. Not all treatments can guarantee the absence of scarring. Most can take away red acne from your face, but they’re sure to leave blemishes and spots. If you desire a completely flawless face – your original complexion if you will – once acne has been removed, you face a safer future with zinc supplements.

Skin-Healing Properties. Zinc is generally good for the skin. It has long been used to treat babies for diaper rash and itching. If you suffer from such problems, these could also lead to acne when irritated. In this case, using zinc supplements will serve as acne prevention by treating present skin problems. Zinc has also been found effective for sun protection and preventing your lips from chapping.

Its skin-healing properties are among the reasons why it can prevent scarring after application or use. Before any wound appears, zinc is already working on affected areas, healing skin tissues and promoting cell growth.

Hormonal Regulation. Sometimes, acne is a side effect of hormonal irregularities in your body. Unknown to many, women have male hormones as well and vice versa.

During a woman’s menstrual cycle, hormonal irregularities occur, which can later on lead to acne breakouts. With birth control pills, hormonal irregularities are rectified. This is why birth control pills are also used as acne treatments. Zinc is also an ingredient used for making birth control pills. In terms of safety, however, zinc supplements may be a healthier option than birth control pills as acne treatment.

DNA Synthesis. Although this term sounds too scientific to have a direct connection to acne breakouts, all it simply means is that with DNA synthesis, you get beautiful new skin and that’s where zinc comes in. This mineral can promote DNA synthesis and through it, old dead skin cells are replaced with new ones. New skin is always acne free and with it, you start off with a clean acne-free slate. Isn’t zinc wonderful?

Ultimately, however, there are still inadequate data present to fully prove that zinc supplements and zinc-powered acne treatments and solutions are completely effective as stand-alone remedy. For now, increasing intake of zinc would only do as a complement to other acne solutions. Consult your doctor for other ways to increase the presence of zinc in your body.

Flor Serquina is a writer and also a wife and a mother who has a great interest in maintaining the healthy skin of the members of her large family. For more information visit her website, where she discusses various subjects such as zinc for acne and new acne treatments and acne home remedies

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