Top Tips For Acne Skin Care – I Bet You Make These Mistakes Too

If I told you that you could be making your acne worse with the things that are meant to tame acne prone skin would you believe me? I found three people who were suffering with acne and offered them the following advice. These amazing results speak for themselves.

I’ll get to the results in just a minute, but first lets find out what the top tips were for acne skin care. Most people think that their acne is caused by dirt building up on the face, this couldn’t be further from the truth if it tried.

Let’s just get the basics out first. Acne, spots or pimples are caused by too much sebum being released through the glands into the hair follicles. If we combine this with the dead skin cells that are there and then put in some bacteria that hangs out on all of us, we have acne problems.

Many people think that the best way to get rid of acne is with harsh scrubbing, thinking that this will remove the dead skin cells and dirt. This is just going to make it worse. It can swell the pores which will let in more of the bacteria and dead skin cells, and we know that when we combine that with the excess amounts of sebum …. Well, it’s acne all over again.

So what are the best ways to cleanse the face? Simple, gentle cleansing will be most effective. Make sure that you don’t over cleanse by washing your face only twice a day (apart from when you sweat heavily after exercise for example) once in the morning and once in the evening. Over washing may make your skin dry by removing all the natural oil that we produce (sebum).

If you find that you are prone to rubbing, squeezing or picking at the spot (lesions) you will find that you are encouraging further outbreaks due to the fact that you are spreading the infected bacteria around the face. Again, if you squeeze the spot, not only are you encouraging it to go deeper into the skin layers, you will swell the pore leaving it open to further infection.

Oil based make up should also be a no no for people suffering from acne. You are already producing too much oil and you are just adding further oil to the area. Water based make up should take it’s place. Another good idea is to make sure that you always remove make up before bed, it can often be overlooked, especially when you are tired, but it certainly is worth making the effort.

You might find that when you go out in the sun this can make your skin better. Be sure not too burn the area! Remember that it can be good in moderation, but too much sun can sometimes make it worse after a while.

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