The Weight of the Scale

I know ONE thing for absolutely certain and that is if you want to stay FAT please go ahead and weigh yourself daily.

Most of my clients can tell me to the ounce what they weigh and have actually confessed that they have been weighing themselves one or more times each day for years. That shows me, however unscientifically, that knowing what your weight is is a lot different than doing something about your weight.

I totally agree with the idea of knowing your weight (you must own the number and take control of it), but I would prefer to see a person who desires to lose weight weigh themselves today, and then for the next few weeks focus on changing their unhealthy behaviors, transforming for a lifestyle that supports their excess weight to one that supports a healthier weight, fitness and improved quality of life!

My dear friends we only need to weigh ourselves one time per week NOT daily. To take control of that number we also MUST STOP worrying so much about the NUMBER and put more effort into taking the necessary actions to start changing our lifestyle our lives WE ARE WORTH IT AS WE ARE THE WORLD.

I promise that will produce more results then watching the pot (stepping on the scale) and waiting for the water to boil (pounds to fall off!)!

The number one reason diets FAIL!

The S.C.A.L.E.!!!!

That’s right! S.C.A.L.E. is to be blamed for all of your past failures. You may be thinking that I am referring to typical bathroom scale but no my friends, this is something much greater than just a bathroom scale!

Our constant best buddy is a number! Those of us on a “diet” are constantly obsessing over numbers…“how much weight did I lose this week” or “I can’t believe I weight this much!”

Well, I think there will be much chaos if we don’t control the metal device that is controlling us! That’s right, controlling us! This metal device is strong enough to ruin an otherwise wonderful day, make us angry, and make us sad and even set off a binge that will send any scale’s numbers soaring. YIKES we don’t want that do we?

The scale, while effective at giving an accurate measure of your body weight, is very ineffective at gauging your progress!

How can I say such a statement YIKES! Think about it this way, how many times have you gone on a diet “to lose weight” and then once you “lose weight” and are at your “goal weight” you pack on the pounds and then some? Well, is that a successful weight loss journey? I think NOT! Or what about the popular off-line weight watching organization that promises you to be a life time member once you reach your goal weight? You would be surprised to find out that most of their “life timers” regained their weight, too! It seems the only “life timers” that stick with their lifelong sentence are those on death row.

Obesity is the leading cause of preventable death in North America, but I don’t think we want to sentence ourselves to being a “life timer”, do we?

Let’s take control back from the thing that most hinders our permanently solving this problem; the scale!

From this day forward, I want you to be intelligent agents fighting this metal device.

KNOW that it matters far more:

1) What actions you are taking to improve your health
2) What permanent changes you are making that will have a positive effect on your health
3) What bad habits you are busting
4) How much your attitude is improving
5) How your clothes are fitting
6) How your body is responding to working out
7) How much water your are drinking
8) How much your self-confidence is growing
9) What compliments people are saying about the ‘new you’
10) What you are learning about proper nutrition
11) How positive you are about your future
12) How much your life is changing

1) How much the scale says you lost this week

The goal of your journey must not be to “lose weight” rather it must be to improve your health and the quality of your life. Adopt that mindset, not only will you defeat S.C.A.L.E. but you will lose weight! What a nice bonus!

However, if you allow S.C.A.L.E. to control you, your journey is derailed. Letting the scale be your live/die by measure of success, each time you weigh in and don’t see the numbers you think you should or want to, despite the fact that for the entire week prior; you mad healthy choices and lived a healthy lifestyle—you will feel like you failed. And that is just bad.

So, your choice: Are you with the good guys? Or the bad guys?

Nelson Roque is a Fitness/Body Mind Weight Loss Mentor who has lost 86lbs; he is also a sports nutritionist who focuses on total body well-being.

For more information please visit the following websites for daily inspiration and motivation to get your journey of a healthy active lifestyle started.

If you have any questions, concerns or need help with getting motivated / inspired you may contact me at

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