The Benefits Of Yoga And Pilates

If you only had one choice, what would you do to keep yourself physically and mentally fit: breathe through yoga, or stretch through pilates? While nobody can deny the various benefits that can be derived from either teaching, haven’t you ever wondered which of the two is better in helping people achieve physical and mental health?

Talking about Yoga –
The philosophy behind Yoga is purely a product from the East and places emphasis on the movement of energy throughout a person’s body. If the energy inside our bodies is able to move more freely, this is taken as an indication that our physical health is improving.

Tension, stress, anxiety, and other similar emotions however represent obstacles to the free movement of energy. This is where yoga comes in. Yoga teaches people how to maintain the flexibility of the body by various movements, body positions, and stretching techniques. Through yoga exercises, people will be able to prevent their bodies from being rigid and consequently, making it easier for energy to flow throughout our body.

The body positions taught in yoga have a secondary purpose, and this is to improve mental health. No, it naturally doesn’t make a lunatic suddenly sane. Instead, such body positions will help people achieve better mental clarity and composure.

Talking about Pilates –
Pilates on the other hand is an idea born from Western culture, or more specifically, the mind of Mr. Joseph Pilates. Pilates exercises were created because of his intention to improve the rehabilitation program for casualties of the First World War. He proceeded on to making various machines that will help injured soldiers regain their physical abilities by stretching, strengthening, and stabilizing key muscles.

Pilates exercises take several forms. Stretching exercises, for instance, are preferred by dancers because of its notable effectiveness on helping them be more in tune with their bodies. Through pilates exercises, dancers are better able to understand their bodies and move gracefully. The use of machines in pilates exercises, on the other hand, is very much similar to weight training. And last but not the least is the latest fad in pilates and which involves the use of mats.

When doing either yoga or pilates exercises, it’s best that a person find a private room to work out. Wear comfortable clothes to allow yourself a wider range of movement. Use a step-by-step approach for both exercises. Attempting advanced techniques can easily lead to physical injuries.

Be sure that every one of this tow exercises method can help you improve your life, and keeping the most valuable thing that you have – your body.

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