The Adult Acne Kit Trend

A trend is developing toward the use of new packaging and marketing concepts for skin care products. The adult acne kits which are beginning to hit the shelves are geared more as a comprehensive approach to longer term skin problems than are other single purpose applications.

Purchasing a kit not only has the advantage of a quicker shopping trip but it also contains more thorough product information and use instructions. These are especially helpful for adult skin care issues because of the mixed assortment of problems to be found in adult skin.

Dry skin is the more normal aspect of adult skin and defines the difference between most teen oriented skin care products and those more specific to adult skin. The main acne fighting ingredients are the same from adult skin care to those intended for other age groups. The use of benzoyl peroxide in these treatments is pervasive. However, the solution varies widely.

Different products contain on the low end about a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide solution for adult and baby acne care. An average of about 5% is used for most age groups and more severe torso acne is treated with 7% or 10% solutions of benzoyl peroxide to dry excess oil and disinfect skin.

Other ingredients like salicylic acid are used in similarly moderated solutions for improved performance in different age groups. Higher percentages of this are used for exfoliation without severe drying. So the difference between them is less critical.

The use of the kits includes a detailed approach to the manner of its use. Product information for skin care products tends to be a sketchy two liner under the listing “instructions”. This hasty fine print on a plastic tube is not going to deliver the detailed list of skin care procedures.

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