Supplements – Not The “Secret” To Weight Loss

It seems that everywhere we look there is a new supplement out or diet pill that promises the world when it comes to weight loss. However, for most of the people that use them, they see little or no results.

Why is that?

The Overpopulation Of The Supplement Industry

How many people do you know take supplements on a regular basis? For the vast majority of people, it’s a very random thing. They’ll try a supplement, say it doesn’t work, and then move on to another weight loss “fix”.

The main problem is that people don’t treat supplements as they really are: supplementation.

In other words, most people just think the supplement will do magic on it’s own with no other input or assistance from the user.

Are there supplements that work… absolutely. Yet, these supplements can be powerless if the other building blocks in your weight loss plan are out of whack.

And, the fact is that most of these supplement companies know that you aren’t going to exercise right or make sure your diet is in check. That’s why you always see the “when used in conjunction with a proper diet and exercise program”.

Again, most people don’t do anything but use the supplement as a “primary” source of weight loss. Remember, the key word here is “supplement” as in to supplement what you are already doing.

Just remember that the next time you are thinking about buying the latest and greatest supplement. Analyze what your “primary” weight loss mechanisms are first, then go from there.

You’re guaranteed to save a lot of money.

Brad Howard’s Fat Loss Black Book delves into the “meat and potatoes” of all of the misinformation generated by the diet and fitness industry today.

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