Stop Snoring – Getting To The Root Of The Problem

The search for a way to stop snoring is big business. Pharmaceutical companies have spent who knows how much on sprays, head aids, pillows and alternative remedies and therapies to help sufferers stop snoring – but do they work.

Well, my own experience is that some do and some don’t. The most effective ones seem to be those that make you so uncomfortable at night that it’s impossible to sleep, let alone snore. If sleep deprivation is the tactic – then some have cured me overnight!!

On a more serious note – it is important not to be taken in by the newest spray or miracle potion that emerges. Let’s face facts – this is business to an awful lot of people, and as business goes, repeat customers bring in the most bucks.

You see – it’s not just the snoring prevention industry that suffers this dilemma – it is part of any profit making company that seeks to bring relief for any ailment or problem. In short – they need you to keep a certain level of suffering – and at the same time they need you to see some improvement from their product. It’s a fine balancing act.

So how is this achieved? Well very simply put – if you treat the symptom and not the cause then you will have dependent customers. For example – if a snoring spray, strip or aid artificially changes something for the night then you will need to keep buying it. You will become a lifelong customer – now that’s great business!!

Don’t be fooled – the vast majority (if not all) of these companies want to make money and they are in business and it is big business. If they found a permanent cure – then their market would eventually dry up. It is in their interest to sustain your problem with snoring and yet make you feel that you are getting some continuous benefit from their product.

Now all this begs the question “What is the root problem and how can I deal with that?” I guess that’s the sixty four million dollar question. And although the question is expensive the answer is free!! Most snoring problems are rooted in an obstruction in the breathing passage. Get rid of the obstruction and you get rd of the problem. How do you get rid of the obstruction? There is a way with no surgery, no aids, no medication and no strips – it’s exercise. Most snoring is caused by an obstruction that comes from over relaxed muscles in the throat and breathing apparatuses – and you may be surprised to know that very few professional singers snore. Why? Because they continually exercise the appropriate muscles.

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