Stained Teeth and Teeth Gap

There are two simple ways that you can improve your smile without going to the dentist. If you have stained teeth you can use over the counter whitening systems to bleach your teeth white. The second way to improve your smile is close the gap between your teeth. You can close your gap using “Teeth Effect Bands” which pull your teeth together.

There are a number of things that can cause the light yellow stain that covers your teeth. You can be more sensitive to staining, depending on the strength of your teeth and the enamel which is the covering over the teeth. Staining can be caused by things that you eat and drink like coffee, or tea products, soda and some heavily dyed foods like juices. Smoking can also cause stains on your teeth. It stains them with tar and also causes decay.

Plaque is also naturally developed on your teeth. Plaque is bacteria that is constantly forming on teeth. Plaque is not removed by brushing alone. It can harden to form tartar also called calculus. Only a dentist can remove this tartar.

You may want to seek other options if your teeth are already stained and whitening toothpaste isn’t helping. You can have a dentist bleach your teeth. Having a Dentist bleach your teeth can be very expensive. There are also some new whitening systems that you can buy over the counter and use at home

Another common problem is gap between your teeth. You could get braces to close your gap but it is very expensive. Fortunately, there is an alternative to close your gap called “Teeth Effects” from the company Teeth Gap. The bands wrap around the two teeth with a gap between them and slowly draw the teeth together. They are easy to use and you will start to notice results in only a few days. You should take care of your teeth now. They will stick with you for many years to come!

Please visit to close your gap simply by wearing a band around your teeth.

Teeth Gap

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