Skin Tags Treatment and Symptoms

To begin with, it is important to know that the symptoms of skin tag are not the same for all. This means that what the symptoms are for one person may not be the same for another. And this is precisely where the problem begins from making it difficult to properly diagnose the disease. Skin tags are a medical problem – a skin disease that can appear almost anywhere on the skin of an affected individual. But the problem is these tags (that are actually growths or small bumps on the skin) look a lot like other skin disorders and are thus sometimes wrongly interpreted as other diseases and not skin tags or Acrochordons.

Yes that is right. As mentioned previously, the symptoms of skin tag are not the same for all. While in some they are brown colored, fleshy in appearance and smooth; in others the tags might be irregular in shape and look a lot more pigmented. They may also differ in size from anywhere between 1 mm to 5 cm’s.

So how to know if someone has skin tags or not? A good way to understand the symptoms is by noticing them at the very beginning – just when the growths are beginning to appear on the skin. Because at the start, the tags look almost the same for all. They appear as small and soft bumps that seem to hang from the skin. And if they can be twisted with relative ease, then they are probably skin tags. These tags almost always come with no pain – so this is another symptom.

Now that is a big question. Because many believe that since skin tags naturally occur with age and because of the fact that they are painless and are otherwise harmless – no treatment is thus necessary. But the symptoms of skin tag can still be quite bother and a social embarrassment, particularly when they appear in the visible portions of the skin like arms, face etc. Also when the tags are twisted too much, they can lead to blood clots and when this happens it becomes painful.

So it is best to seek treatment when there are symptoms of skin tag and not neglect the condition. But sadly that is not the case, as a huge section of the population tends to do just this. And considering the fact that a big percentage of the adult population (some even say that as many as 50% or more seniors) is affected with the symptoms of skin tag, the problem suddenly assumes a big proportion.

Luckily, there are good solutions that can heal the symptoms of skin tag within just 2 to 6 weeks. Many of them are natural products that are completely safe to use as well. They can be used by pregnant women and children (though mostly aged people have the tags). And once the product has been used to cure the symptoms of skin tag, the tags never come back again.

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