Popular Supplements For Weight Control

Are you trying to lose weight and are thinking of taking weight control supplements? Read on for a short discussion on the popular supplements for weight control before buying anything so you can make an informed choice.

What are weight control supplements?

Many experts say that popular supplements for weight control do not only help you physically, but also motivate you psychologically. If not used correctly, though, these supplements may not yield the results you want. Also, some of the supplements may overlap one another, so you will need good grasp of their differences in order to develop a good combination of weight control supplements.

Below is a list of the most popular supplements for weight control and how they can be classified according to their effects:

1. Supplements for appetite suppression

A lot of dietary supplements for weight management normally targets the user’s appetite since it is one of the primary determinants of how much food (and therefore calories, etc) he/she can consume. Popular examples include 5-HTP, bitter orange, cayenne. chitosan, Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), fiber, and blue green algae.

2. Supplements for body fat reduction

Excess body fat does not only give you unwanted bulges – it also makes the organs of your body, especially the heart, work harder in order to perform their functions. You have the choice of taking supplements to reduce body fat. Arginine, chromium, DHEA, HMB, and hydroxycitric acid (HCA) are just some of the popular supplements for weight control that reduced and keep body fat in check.

3. Supplements for calorie burning

Calories refer to the potential energy that can be taken from food. Decreasing your calorie intake or burning more calories than you usually do may help you lose weight. Popular supplements for weight control that help in burning calories include bitter orange and coleus.

4. Supplements for boosting metabolism

Metabolism is the body’s ability to burn calories and convert them into energy that can be used or stored. Studies show that good metabolism decreases the production and storage of excess fat. Popular supplements for weight control that help increase energy and boost metabolism include pyruvate and St. John’s wort.

IMPORTANT: Weight control is a very sensitive undertaking. Be sure to consult a doctor before taking any supplements. Also be sure to buy supplements only from pharmaceutical GMP-compliant manufacturers so you can be confident that the product you are purchasing really contains the ingredients that it claims to have.

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