Panic Pain Cure: Sweating To The Oldies and This Bicycle Seat Does Not Fit

When I look at the stationary bike at Cardiac Rehab I get a feeling of dread but I know that it is a panic pain cure.

Should I have to sit on that thing and pedal until I sweat AND be in pain at the same time?

Yep! You guessed it. That is exactly what I am there to do.

I tried to sneak in a towel to sit on while I pedaled but no such luck.

Apparently that would make the monitor I am hooked up to give an incorrect reading.

Never mind that I was there to get stronger and perhaps even enjoy the experience.

Having a heart attack caused me enough pain and now this bike was there to finish the job.

I enjoyed the treadmill because there was no sitting of course and I had a tail bone injury that was made more sore by the bicycle.

Too bad for me. There would be no excuses.

I was being humorous you realize, about the whole thing.

That was my point however.

I liked to use the funny aspects of a situation to release the stress and as a panic pain cure.

I just can not mention this enough. You should try it the next time you are in a position that is uncomfortable (not perhaps on a stationary bike).

Laugh at the situation inside your mind or even out loud. You might have to explain what is so funny but that will only make it funnier.

I watched a video on stress busting techniques and humor was one of the top ways according to the stress management teacher to eliminate the feeling.

They recommended watching comedy to their patients as therapy.

Well I could certainly do that, especially if I could sit in my favorite chair.

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