Neo Healar- The Truth About Neo Healar For Hemorrhoid Relief

Hemorrhoids are a very common affliction that affects more then 11 million people across the United States and is not something you should be embarrassed about. In fact, hemorrhoids afflict about half of the people over 50 in the United States. Neo Healar hemorrhoid treatment cream is a natural cure for hemorrhoids that not only relieves the burning of hemorrhoids but, in many cases actually cure the condition. Because of this healing power, it may be an attractive alternative to painful surgery. This article discusses the different treatments available for hemorrhoids and takes a look at Neo Healar hemorrhoid cream as a likely solution.

Neo Healar hemorrhoid cream is 100% natural and uses an herbal preparation made up of 4 natural occurring plants. These plants work together to stop the pain and itching and it is suggested that this cream can also begin the necessary role of healing the damage. Neo Healar hemorrhoid cream contains herbs, oils, and plant extracts that improves your body’s ability to repair skin and damaged tissue, an anti inflammatory action to quicken the healing process, and a pain relief compound that begins to work in minutes.

Neo Healar hemorrhoid cream can often be an effective replacement to painful and expensive surgery. Surgery is not always 100% effective and there are cases where the hemorrhoids can come back later in life. Many types of hemorrhoid creams are used only for the temporary relief of pain. While this type of cream is great for stopping the pain and itching of hemorrhoids, they many times stop there. They do little to cure the underlying problem. Neo Healar is different in that it can sometimes cure the source of the pain, often making painful and expensive surgery unnecessary. Neo Healar’s website states a success rate of 93.7% in curing your hemorrhoids.

Neo Healar hemorrhoid treatment comes in 2 applications. The first and main form of treatment is a 30 gram tube of ointment that includes its own applicator and is ideal for the relief and healing of both internal and external hemorrhoids. The directions say should be used 3 times a day for 3 weeks. In addition to the cream, suppositories that come in boxes of 10 are also available. The suppositories are recommended as an additional treatment for increasing the healing process for those that have internal hemorrhoids, bleeding hemorrhoids or anal fissures.

In conclusion, it is necessary to understand an important fact. Once you have developed hemorrhoids, they will never go away without treatment. If left untreated, serious and dangerous complications can result leading up to a point where the only available option left is surgery. If you are experiencing extreme pain or bleeding or suspect that your hemorrhoid has become infected, then you need to see a medical professional as soon as possible. If, on the other hand, you are suffering only from mild symptoms then it may be time to look into some type of treatment before things turn bad. It would be better to find an alternative treatment before you are faced with the unpleasant fact of surgery. While each person will have their own set of circumstances, Neo Healer hemorrhoid cream may be viable inexpensive alternative for you.

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