Natures Wonder Drug – Most People Dont Realise How Healthy This Drug Is

Imagine a drug that is common, inexpensive and can help with a whole host of illnesses from Alzheimer disease to making you feel happier.

This drug has been used for centuries by hundreds of millions of people and yet few people actually realize its potential health benefits.

So, what is this wonder of nature? Read on and find out!

“There’s a cheap, common, and mostly safe drug, in daily use for centuries by hundreds of millions of people, that only lately has been investigated for its therapeutic potential for a long list of common ills.

The list includes Alzheimer disease, Parkinson disease, depression and anxiety, schizophrenia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and even pain and obesity.

Why has interest in this potential cure-all been slow to develop? One reason: in its current forms the drug offers pharmaceutical companies no possibility of substantial profit.

Another, perhaps more important: the drug is reviled as the world’s most addictive. The drug, of course, is nicotine”

Quote Source: “Nicotine as Therapy” by Tabitha M. Powledge. Located at website:

How on earth can Nicotine be good for you, it’s contained in cigarette smoking that is one of the biggest killers in the world?

Well, keep in mind the following:

Nicotine is just one of around 4,000 chemicals that are consumed when smoking cigarettes.

It is actually some of these other chemicals such as arsenic, ammonia and carbon monoxide to name just a few, that are the killers and NOT nicotine.

Fact is nicotine in pure form (and consumed on its own) is safe and non toxic.

Many people who don’t smoke actually consume nicotine everyday, as is a naturally occurring compound found in the food chain.

For example, nicotine is present in such common foods as:

Potatoes, tomatoes and cauliflower, as well as other vegetables and is also found in some teas.

Nicotine however has a bad reputation and suffers from its association with cigarette smoking.
The potential health benefits of nicotine (when consumed on its own in pure form) are potentially enormous and considerable research has and is, still being carried out into its health giving properties.

The fact is, nicotine does not cause cancer and the potential for Nicotine to treat a number of conditions is now getting more widespread coverage and hopefully soon people will see the potential that nicotine can offer them.

Look at the facts on Nicotine and its benefits in more detail and you may be glad you did.


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