Lasik Surgery – Seeing The World Like You Once Did

More and more people with vision problems are turning to LASIK to correct their vision. LASIK, which stands for Laser In Situ Keratomileusis, is generally a safe, reliable and painless way to improve vision without the need for glasses or contact lenses. Thanks to new advances in laser technology, LASIK is the most commonly performed refractive surgery procedure that is used to correct refractive errors in the eye, such as moderate to high degrees of myopia or nearsightedness, hyperopia or farsightedness, and astigmatism or distorted vision.

LASIK helps change the shape of the cornea with the use of excimer laser. The knife that is used in the operation to remove a flap in the cornea is called microkeratome. There are several techniques that are employed to reshape the cornea. After the laser has reshaped the cornea, the flap is repositioned over the treatment area by the surgeon.

There are several advantages to this procedure:

* LASIK is considered as one of the greatest ophthalmologic breakthroughs in recent times. Many eye surgeons believe that even the most complicated refractive errors can be treated with the help of LASIK. This is a relatively simple procedure that allows a patient to go home right away after the operation and ensures a renewed vision within a week.

* LASIK is an almost painless procedure with the use of anesthesia to the eye and the cornea. A very small number of patients have complained of little discomfort during surgery, much like a “scratchy feeling.” After the effect of anesthetic wears off, there is a varying degree of discomfort among the patients. But even if there is any irritation, it is usually minor and does not last beyond a few hours. However your eyes may be very sensitive to light for a few days.

* As LASIK is a relatively simple procedure, it can be performed at the clinic, instead of at a hospital. Most laser treatments do not take more than 15 to 40 seconds, depending on the degree of correction required. Recovery time is also minimal, and most patients are able to go back home after 30 minutes. Within 3 to 5 days following LASIK treatment, you will notice a dramatic improvement in your vision.

* LASIK treatment of your vision is more or less permanent. With age however some degree of re-treatment may become necessary.

Thus LASIK is a safe way of correcting your vision. So take advantage of this advancement in ophthalmology and start seeing the world like you once did with your new vision.

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