Laser Hair Removal: The Diode Laser Hair Removal

Diode laser hair removal is the one of newer forms of laser hair removal on the market but is currently among the most popular of all laser hair removal options which may make it more readily available in your home area.

As with other newer laser hair removal options, the Diode laser has limited research showing evidence of long term results.

As with other laser hair removal options, the Diode laser at best might offer a person long term hair reduction or possibly permanent hair reduction.

In other words, with repeated treatments you might find that the amount of unwanted hair is noticeably reduced over time.

The Diode laser can achieve deeper skin penetration than the Ruby or Alexandrite lasers which generally allows it to treat darker skinned patients than either of these two lasers can.

Having said that, Diode laser hair removal tends to work well on dark, coarse hair. With its ability to treat relatively large spot sizes, it is also an option for large body areas like the back.

As with other hair removal options, the skill of the practitioner who is performing the hair removal treatment will go a long way to determine your success or lack thereof.

Long term success and possible side effects of the hair removal will also vary by patient.

Temporary and permanent hair removal technology is evolving constantly and is relevant to both men and women who want to remove unwanted hair.

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