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Rhinoplasty is the fancy word used for ‘nose surgery’ or a ‘nose job’. This procedure will reshape the nose by increasing or reducing size, removing the bump, changing the angle and changing the shape. Many rhinoplasty procedures are also used to relieve breathing problems.

There are a few different methods used for nose reshaping. A couple of the common practices are called endonasal rhinoplasty and external or ‘open’ rhinoplasty. Endonasal procedures are performed by making incisions inside the nose while ‘open rhinoplasty’ uses a small incision inside the nose in combination with additional small cuts on the outside. It is not fair to label one method as better than the other, but sometimes one can be more useful depending on the patient. Because no two noses are the same, the doctor will decide what the best procedure is for you.

Nose reshaping surgery can be performed under local or general anesthesia. The patients who are under local anesthesia will be slightly sedated in order to remain relaxed and numb to all pain. The general anesthesia patients will be asleep throughout the entire operation. The doctor will generally recommend which type of anesthesia they feel is best depending on the nature of the individual procedure.

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