Hypertension which is also known as the high blood pressure is often called as “silent killer”. This is one of the most
oldest disease that is prevailing in man from the day of his birth. This is one of the common diseases that affect the
mankind in the world. Though this disease has a cure but it needs to be prevented than to suffer from it.

Hypertension is commonly called as high blood pressure of BP. This disease is called as silent killer as it prevails in man
for years without realizing. This hypertension damages the brain, heart and kidney. This hypertension which is also known as
blood pressure is caused due to the pressure of the blood against the walls of the arteries. It is one of the most common
world wide diseases afflicting the humans. This heart attack is one of the leading causes for the death in the world. But
this can be prevented by giving education, awareness and information to the people to take healthy steps in getting rid of it
and having a healthy health. The risk factors can be gently avoided by having careful planning that is by having healthy
diet, simple exercises and basic knowledge about it.

High blood pressure drraomd.com/videos/hypertension.htm hypertension is a medical condition
where the blood pressure is chronically elevated. The prevalence of high blood pressure is one of the risk factor for the
strokes, heart attacks, heart failure, arterial aneurysm, and for chronic renal failure. As already said this high blood
pressure does not produce any symptoms. But sometimes it produces severe headache and then it is called as malignant
hypertension or accelerated hypertension.

It is said that stressful situations may increase the blood pressure. These serious conditions cause stroke or diseases
related to heart, kidney and eyes. Thought there have been several extensive researches, widespread patient education and
many efforts have been made to decrease this hypertension but yet it is remained untreated. Sometimes this hypertension also
leads to the risk factor that leads to the coronary heart disease, stroke, congestive heart failure, end stage renal disease,
and peripheral vascular disease that lead to causes for death. In many cases this can be detected and controlled with the
modifications in the lifestyles. The modification consists like diet, exercise, regular intake of medications. So it is a
need that the health care professionals must not only prescribe the medications to cure suffer but has to change the
lifestyles and suggest certain preventive strategies to decrease the prevalence of hypertension among the people.

This hypertension is often referred as silent killer because there are usually no signs or symptoms. It only occurs when the
pressure of the blood flowing through your arteries is too high. This increase pressure puts extra stress on the other organs
like heart, kidneys and blood vessels. This should be treated at its consequences or else it may become more serious. If you
want to know more about the hypertension then it is your doctor who would help you. He would help you in managing this
hypertension during the period of emergencies.

There are certain facts which make you to develop the hypertension within yourself. Some of the facts are:
• Age
• High intake of salt in the food
• Sedentary lifestyles
• Tobacco smoking
• Alcohol abuse
• High levels of saturated fats in the diet
• Obesity
• Stress
• Diabetes mellitus
• Genetic reasons

The drraomd.com/videos/hypertension.htm blood pressure level in the common man is between 120/80
and 139/89 and this is called as pre-hypertension. If the blood pressure is above 140/90 then it is considered as high blood
pressure. So it is an urge need to normalize your blood pressure as it causes damages to heart, kidney and blood vessels. To
prevent it with the complications it is thereby prevented by the regular diagnosis. This disease is found commonly in the
adults. This is known as one of the major health problems of the world. This causes a greater affect if it is not treated at
its initial stage. So there should be regular check of the blood pressure and the pulse rate of a person who is over the age
of 50 as he is more affected with this disease. They should have frequent checks of blood pressure if they feel like any
symptoms of low number of BP, the higher of BP or if there is irregular pulse rate.

The treatment for this hypertension includes some of the modifications in the lifestyles. Some of the basic things that you
should do to control your blood pressure are:
1. recommend weight loss

2. cultivate the habit of regular exercise
3. discontinuing smoking
4. consumption of healthy diet that is low fat and high fiber diet
5. having low fat food

6. reducing in the intake of salt
7. reduction in environmental stress
8. the intake of the medications prescribed by the doctor
9. Trying reduce in your life
10. Knowing whether any close relative of yours is suffering from hypertension
11. To have frequent check ups of your health
12. to maintain the data and records of the blood pressure, cholesterol and pulse

Finally but not the least you should have a goal of keeping your blood pressure at 120/80 and aiming to maintain it. Though
the disease has a cure but it is a require to better prevent than to suffer from.

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