How Taboo Is Penis Piercing These Days

Penis piercing is a taboo practice that is fast becoming common all over the world. Piercings themselves have been around for millennia, with the first recorded findings belonging to ancient Egyptian mummies, so it would make sense that penis piercing is growing ever popular as a practiced form.

Like getting a piercing for your ear, the method involves using a needle to puncture the skin, then the jewelry being put through. The places you can have it done on your penis would include the scrotum, the head and the foreskin. You can not get it for the shaft, simply because it will result in huge problems and can cause you to stop having erections. After you’ve had your piercing done, you can’t remove the jewelry until the wound heals. It is also important to keep it clean at all times to reduce the chances of infections.

Yet before you consider having a penis piercing done, it is important that you realize the consequences and risks associated with them. First of all, if you want to remove the penis piercing, there is a high chance that the wound will never close and you will have a permanent hole in your penis. If it does heal up, you will be left with a scar.

You may also experience some medical problems. For instance, while surgical grade metal is used in the jewelry, it is still possible to have an allergic reaction to it, normally resulting in a rash. Urinary infections are also another common effect from penis surgery. Signs and symptoms would include burning sensations when you urinate and possible blood in the urine.

The biggest risk of them all is of course HIV. Using unsterilized equipment can transmit the virus, or one of its counterpart’s hepatitis B and hepatitis c, into your blood stream. This can be life threatening as it attacks your immune system, and can turn into AIDS.

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