How Old Is Old Enough for Contact Lenses?

Purchasing contact lenses for your child is a big decision.

It never fails. If a child wears glasses, he will eventually ask to trade them in for a pair of contact lenses. The question then becomes when is a child old enough for contact lenses?

If you asked ten optometrists the same question, you might get answers ranging anywhere from 10-years old up to 16. In actuality, the answer is dependent on the child. Maturity levels, dexterity, and tolerance levels for inserting contact lenses fluctuate.

A child must be capable of inserting the lenses themselves and responsible enough to keep them clean. Not only are dirty contact lenses uncomfortable and sometimes painful to wear, they can lead to eye infections and/or injuries. Even failing to do something as basic as putting the correct lens into each eye can cause long term damage.

Another common concern for parents is the cost of replacing lost contacts lenses. It is as easy as a thoughtless swipe of an eye with the back of a hand to lose a lens. While disposable contacts are a lot less expensive now than they used to be, over the course of a year, replacing contacts can become far more expensive than a single pair of glasses. Also, don’t forget to factor in cleaning supplies when considering the purchase of contacts.

One good way to tell if your child is ready for contact lenses is to observe how well they take care of their glasses. Are you constantly cleaning their glasses or reminding them to do so? How well do they brush their teeth? Do you have to remind them to floss? If so, chances are good they are not ready for contacts.

Owning contact lenses should be thought of as a rite of passage, kind of like driving a car or dating. Children must prove themselves trustworthy and mature enough to accept the responsibility before they are entrusted with contacts. It is equally important to teach them how to care for their eyes and their contacts. They may be able to handle the responsibility as a teen or maybe not until after they get their driver’s license.

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