How I Gave Up Chocolate Donuts & Lost 32 Ounces with Food Dating

I love donuts. But in excess, donuts make my buttocks giggle- even when I’m not doing the Jane Fonda.

Since the local CVS does not sell a “sugar-fat patch” to help wean me off my unrelenting addiction to the combo of butter, chocolate and fried bread (though Weight Watchers probably has one in the pipeline) I needed to look elsewhere for a solution to end my gluttonous affair with greasy donuts.

I’ve tried to go cold turkey with donuts but, that just doesn’t seem to cut it- especially since I started using donuts as a mid-morning mood lifter. So, what food, could possibly give me that comfy feeling and taste sugary but not cause me to get fat?

My revelation will amaze you. I’ve discovered a process called “food dating”. Basically, what I found is that, I’m addicted to fried bread because my cosmos of sweet food was relatively limited.

But when I discovered food dating, my understanding of sweetness expanded a thousand-fold. Here’s how it happened.

Well, you know, when you date other people, you get exposed to their lifestyle, their decorating tastes and most pertinently, their eating habits. On one memorable date, for dessert, my honey offered me a medley of raspberries, blueberries and blackberries

As he optimistically presented his fruity delight, true to my hick roots, I thought, “Wouldn’t banana custard pie be more appropriate for dessert- I mean really, where’s the grease?”

Notwithstanding, I succumbed to his berry batch, and I not only loved it, I had a culinary epiphany: Why limit myself to just dating men, when I can date food too?

In short, for years, I had blindly trained by palette to lust after a mélange of fat, sugar and flour to satisfy my sweet tooth. But, when I began food dating, it was as if another part of my mouth awakened, and said, “Yes, thank you. This is actually good. Try it again.” And I did.

Now, when I go to the grocery store, I don’t just shop for food. That is so passé. The new sexy in healthy eating is food dating. Here’s how it goes.

Instead of just going for the same old foods that you typically buy in the grocery store, date your food- take it home and try it out. I say, “Have a one-night-stand with same exotic, healthy food that is oozing with antioxidants.”

For example, instead of just going for the old stand-bys like apple pie, cheesecake or M&Ms, try a bag of frozen fruits like pineapple, peaches or strawberries. Moreover, instead of packing in the vanilla low-fat, low-sugar ice cream, that you will overeat anyway, flirt with a jar of vanilla low-fat yogurt and take it home. See what happens.

Food dating works for me, because it reeks of taboo. Really, I think we make dieting too hard by trying to be goody-goodies. Psychologically, to remain sane, we must accommodate our good and evil sides.

So, please, to loose a whooping 32 ounces as I did, go to your grocery store and be naughty. Stop wasting your time in the fatty aisles and take home some crazy, risqué vegetable that’s wantonly sprawled in the produce aisle. After a few erotic food dates, you too can experience the life changing weight loss that accompanies indulging in unexpected food ecstasies.

Naweko Nicole Dial San-Joyz founded Noixia, a San Diego based research firm dedicated to helping people intelligently, safely and affordably enhance their image by offering custom skin solutions to people with

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