Herbal Treatments for Endometriosis

Endometriosis can be treated with herbs with some success, but it does require some patience. Treatment with herbs may require several months before you see a favorable outcome. A natural health care practitioner can help you devise a plan of action for treating your endometriosis. That plan may include changes in your diet, therapeutic massage and possibly even acupuncture.

Although the exact cause of endometriosis is unknown, doctors believe that excess estrogen is a contributing factor. With this in mind, vitex berries have proven to be quite effective in balancing a woman’s hormones and should be included in an endometriosis treatment formula. Keeping hormones I mind, you should also treat your liver using herbs. Burdock is particularly effective in keeping the liver functioning at its optimum level. The liver’s role is helping to clear estrogen from the body.

When you suffer from endometriosis, you need to treat the various symptoms in order to get some relief. This means that you need to reduce the inflammation, bleeding, pain and cramps that usually are primary symptoms of the disorder. Cramp bark and wild yam work well for these symptoms. For cramps and other menstrual type pain, some evening primrose oil and ginger does the trick. Red raspberry will reduce bleeding and has long been believed by herbalists and midwives to strengthen the uterus.

Excessive bleeding, particularly excessive menstrual bleeding can be reduced by horsetail. This herb can also have added benefits for women with endometriosis because it is believed to keep scar tissue flexible. This property can keep new scar tissue from forming. It has been used throughout history to aid in various medical conditions such as the tuberculosis outbreaks during the early twentieth century when it was used to reduce the scarring of patients’ lungs.

Many women report that stress makes their endometriosis pain worse. Likewise, the pain of endometriosis can cause you to experience stress. It is a vicious cycle. There are several herbal remedies that can aid in stress reduction. Chamomile or peppermint can help soothe your digestive system and help calm you. Valerian has some very relaxing properties that have gained it the nickname “herbal valium.” It can help you relax and get to sleep if you insomnia. Oats are also good, either as a food or some oat straw tea can help relax you and nourish your frayed nerves. Sometimes just a hot cup of green tea with chamomile can make a huge difference.

Herbs can help relieve the symptoms of endometriosis. They may take a little longer to work, but most have very few, if any, side effects and they are natural cures that go to the root of the problem. Try a tea that is chock full of healing herbs that can help you with the pain and discomfort of endometriosis.

Steep some vitex berries, wild yam and cramp bark in a large pot of water. Add a little Echinacea root, red raspberry, motherwort and horsetail stalks. Steep it all for several minutes, strain out the herbs and drink the tea. Two or more cups a day should bring you some relief.

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