Heal Depression: Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

Every time you are faced with a fear, realize that every time you act small because of fear – you are moving toward depression. Each time you act big in spite of fear – you are moving into a new stratosphere.

Think of all the people who are stopped by fear. When you push through fear you have separated yourself from them. You will become a new creature, a different creature, a better creature, a more highly skilled creature, a more resilient creature.

If you take small risks you are like the pioneers, forging new ground – expanding the world as it is currently known.

If you take large risks or consistently take small risks you are like an astronaut, going where few have ever gone before, where almost every aspect of your experience, you will be discovering for the first time.

If you want to heal your depression begin taking a few small risks. A small risk is one where really there is nothing to lose. You might feel rejected, or be embarrassed by taking a small risk but nothing essential is at stake. Maybe that means applying for a job or going back to school. That’s a good place to start.

And when you do heal from depression, it won’t a healing into the land of the lotus eaters, where you feel comfortable, sated and satisfied. Depression is a call to breakthrough into a new life. You will heal from depression into a feeling of being uncomfortable. You will heal from demanding perfection to being unworried about the messiness of your life. Depression will heal you from a job or career and propel you into a mission. Depression will heal you from being overly conciliatory in your relationships into a broader palette of angry, vulnerable and fearful expressions of your authentic and imperfect self.

The happy shiny self is not the cure of depression it is the cause of depression.

When you take the courage to reject this sanitized, white bread image of mental health, you will be on your way to healing from depression.

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