A: Technically headaches are not a pain in the butt, yet they sure behave like one. From stress to alcohol, from loud noise to lack of sleep, it seems like headaches are the most common of the human ailments; everyone receives a lifetime supply upon birth. While there are many medicinal ways to get rid of headaches, there are several natural ways as well….. you just need to know where to look.

Coffee, anyone?

Yes caffeine-withdrawal can be the cause of many headaches, with 9-5ers often plagued by aching heads on weekends when they don’t have a cup of coffee glued to their hand, but it can also cause relief. Caffeine contains a chemical that relieves the pain of some, but not all, headaches.

Dim the Lights

Lights, particularly bright lights, aggravate headaches; a moth with a migraine would probably even stray away from a flame. One of the best ways to stop a headache in its tracks is to dim the track lights, stay away from the sun, and close the curtains.

Compress Yourself

The simplest recipe for pain is to just add water, frozen water. Placing a cold compress on your forehead while lying down will cause the muscles to relax, and keep them from contracting.


Acupuncture seems to be able to cure everything, with the exception of a fear of needles. But, in truth, acupuncture is not a cure, it’s a helping hand. Acupuncture engages the body to create its own healing resources, causing the bodies own natural powers to fend off pain or illness. In regards to headaches, acupuncture can usually make them less intense and less frequent.

Sleep it off

Many people go to bed with real headaches (as opposed to the fake ones wives tell their husbands they have). This is because sleep is a natural pain reliever: many people can go to sleep aching and hurting, only to wake up well and refreshed. Sleep gives the body time to regenerate itself, letting the aches and pain of the previous day subside.

There is perhaps no more natural way to fight off a headache than by sleeping on a Foam Source Natural Latex mattress. Specifically engineered with sleep in mind, these natural latex mattresses conform to the shape of your body, reducing pressure points, and creating a virtual body cast of foam. This leads to less tossing and turning, and a healthier, more comfortable night’s sleep, which just might get rid of some of those headaches in the process.

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