Have Troubles With Wrinkles – Try This

Here’s a little quiz for you. How many types of wrinkles are there altogether? If you answer is one, then sorry, that’s not the right answer.

The medical director of Dermatology center in Nashville, Dr Melvin, co-author of a book called The Good Look Book, says there are at least four different kinds of wrinkles altogether. That’s because wrinkles are caused by four different factors which includes:

Sun exposure

One of the prime causes for wrinkles, the sun can create havoc in our skin dermis, making it brittle and fragile. Constant exposure to the sun can destroy collagen and makes the skin less firm and taut. You need to protect your skin from those harmful UV rays and it is advisable for you to put on some form of sun-protective cover like sun blocks or a hat whenever you are out in the sun.

Old age

As you head to your middle age, your skin will begin to show the signs of aging. As you get older, your body produces less collagen and oil. This makes your skin less elastic than before. Consuming lots of vegetables, fruits and ensuring that your are not stress is a good way to grow old but look young.


The position of your sleeping position can also result in “sleep lines” to form. Bad sleeping habits like sleeping on your side or stomach means force is being exert on your skin membrane during those resting hours for your body. Wrinkles can appear because of that as you grow older. Try to make a habit to sleep on your back instead.

Facial expressions

Blinking, smiling, frowning and even eating can create that unavoidable horizontal line across your forehead and eyebrows. These lines will deepen in your thirties and forties, and finally appearing as wrinkles thereafter. Try not to squint or grimace as repeated actions can hasten those crow’s feet.

But if you already have wrinkles, then you may want to try simple treatment options like anti-wrinkle cream to help you in the fight against those crinkled lines first. It’s a quick and safe way to help reduce those bluff lines.

Jarenex Koby is a skin care expert who writes for several skin care websites and newsletters. If you want to read more information on wrinkles and how to reduce those fine lines go here: dry-skin-care-guide.com/reduce-lines-and-wrinkles.html dry-skin-care-guide.com/reduce-lines-and-wrinkles.html

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