Hair Loss Treatment Truths – What Manufacturers Forget To Mention

One of the most misunderstood hair loss treatment truths is that there are many possible reasons for a person’s hair loss, and no single hair loss treatment will successfully eliminate all of them.

Hair loss is a symptom of another systemic physical condition or conditions, and the simple the hair loss treatment truth is that the hair loss will continue until that condition is identified.

The manufacturers of hair loss medications, however, do not want this hair loss treatment truth to be widely known, and keep promising that as long as you use their products, you hair loss will be minimized. The two most widely known hair loss treatments, Rogaine and Propecia, both require ongoing use or their effectiveness will end.

Another hair loss treatment truth of which the pharmaceutical companies would like you to remain unaware is that Rogaine and Propecia, while helping restore some hair growth, are not effective on frontal scalp baldness.

Natural Treatments
But the basic hair loss treatment truth is that hair loss can either be prevented or terminated, and that hair follicles which have shut down can be stimulated to begin producing healthy hair once again. Because hair loss is often linked to other conditions like hypertension and cardiovascular impairment, successful treatment of those problems can solve hair loss as well.

One very well hidden hair loss treatment truth is that, in spite of the huge sums of money which pharmaceutical companies put into developing their own solutions, they have yet to find one which works any better than the many natural treatments, available to consumers at far less cost, may.

Before turning to expensive drug treatments to help with your hair loss, who not test the natural solutions? One hair loss treatment truth is that anything which the hair roots can cause hair loss; if you hair style involves corn-rows, or tightly banded braids or a pony tail, you may be weakening your hair at its roots and causing it to fall out.

And while many people recommend brushing one’s hair vigorously for one hundred strokes each day, doing so also cause weakening of the hair roots if done too vigorously.

While vitamin and mineral deficiencies can cause hair loss, the hair loss treatment truth is that it will not be limited to the scalp but will affect the entire body. So if your hair loss is limited to your head, a deficiency is probably not the cause.

Hair Loss Shampoos Hair loss treatment truths about shampoos? Hair loss treatment shampoos are great for getting rid of all the leftover styling gunk, excess sebum, and dirt which might be clogging your hair follicles. Some of them are even formulated to remove excessive amount of the hair loss-inducing hormone DHT from your scalp. And some of them even have ingredients to stimulate your scalp’s blood circulation.

All these things make good hair loss treatment shampoos useful in creating an environment in which your hair follicle scan do their best work, but will not restore production in follicles which have shut down. So most hair loss shampoos manufacturers recommend that you supplement the use of their shampoos with more concentrated “extracts” of their active ingredients.

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