Hair Loss Treatment for Man: What is Available and More!

Loosing hair is something we definitely do NOT like. Unless you’re actor Patrick Stewart or something like that, being bald is not something that would favor us men. Being bald really affects our game with the girls, right guys? I know how you feel. Not only because they might not like it, but because we don’t feel comfortable, making us loose our charm. Baldness is a definitely a Gamekiller.

Counter Attacking Hair Loss

But fear not friends, baldness won’t last for ever! Countless of scientists and investigators are continuously making incredible effort to produce a hair loss cure. As of now at least three easily identifiable hair loss treatments for man can be found in the market. Without taking into account every single brand or type of pill offered, you can find chemical and natural treatments.

I personally prefer natural treatments because I don’t like drinking chemical substances since they always tend to come with an unwanted side-effect. A natural hair loss remedy also works for hair loss in children. Besides those two, there’s the most successful treatments of all, hair loss transplants. This is a surgical process in which one part of your scalp, that has hair, is removed from its position and placed on a spot where you don’t have hair. However, this is a very expensive treatment and I would only consider it in extreme cases of hair loss and well, of course, if you got the money.

And There Is Yet More To Come!

As of 2004, scientists have discovered a way to multiply hair as a hair loss treatment. It basically consists of taking stem cells from healthy hairs, multiplying them, and implanting them into dead zones; reason why this treatment is also called hair cloning. Nonetheless, progress on this new treatment for hair loss has been very slow and the first products are estimated to hit the market by 2009 or 2010.

After trying many hair loss remedies Timothy Garth finally found one that worked for him and would like to share his hair loss treatments with you so you don’t have to take the long road in looking for something that works.

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