Genital Wart Symptoms

The symptoms of genital warts may sometimes appear without the warts themselves manifesting themselves. On the other hand the converse is also true. The warts can sometimes show themselves without your having any of the symptoms associated with it.

That’s why even if you can’t see the warts but you have the symptoms, you should still go see a physician. Guesswork is no substitution for a proper medical exam and by ruling out the fact that you might have genital warts, you can then move on to finding out what is causing such symptoms within you.

Indications for genital warts can sometimes take up to a few months to manifest itself. In these cases, you can unknowingly pass it on to your sexual partner. And if you were recently in another relationship and your former partner has developed genital warts within the last few months, you might want to think about getting a check up for yourself. This is a good idea even if you don’t have any visible symptoms or indications of genital warts as, like I mentioned, it can take a few months from the time of infection for the HPV to manifest itself.

Below is a list of the more common indications for genital warts.Pink, or flesh colored lesions, these can be raised or flat_Moisture or dampness around the infected areaSingle or multiple instances of warts, which can be large or smallThe warts might sometimes have a cauliflower like AppearanceVaginal discharge_Vaginal bleeding after sexual intercourseVaginal bleeding not associated with menstrual bleedingPapules on the penile shaftItching of the affected areasA burning sensation Warts can also be painless in nature although you might still have an itching sensation. There can in some cases be a high level of irritation involved with the warts, or there can be no sensation at all. Raised cauliflower-like warts are not an uncommon sight, just as warts that are small and flat are also seen quite often.

Most warts grow in moist warm areas, and just like Plantar warts thrive on the moist, damp places of your feet and hands, so too do genital warts thrive in the moist dark places afforded by your genital area.

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