Do Some Foods Cause A Headache After Eating

Certain food additives, including nitrites and some food colorings, are also common headache triggers. Like tyramine, these additives may increase blood flow to the brain causing headaches in some people. It is not understood exactly why this happens. Some foods that cause a headache after eating are:
• Blue cheeses

• Brie

• Cheddar

• Stilton

• Feta

• Gorgonzola

• Mozzarella

• Muenster

• Parmesan
• Swiss

• Processed cheese

Other foods that are high in tyramine are processed meats, olives, pickles, onions and certain kinds of beans. Some additives that include nitrates can also trigger your headache, along with some food colorings. Also, beware of products containing MSG, which can also trigger a headache after eating.

Brain Freeze Headaches
Sometimes some of us will get a “brain freeze” headache when we eat cold things such as ice cream too fast. These headaches will be in the middle of the forehead and usually subside within a few minutes. It is said that those who are prone to Migraines are more likely to get “brain freeze” headaches.

Sometimes a food allergy will trigger a headache. If you are allergic to shell fish and you eat it then you may get a headache or have an allergic reaction more severe such a swelling. Some foods contain a lot of iodine, which could cause a reaction in some people also.

Each person is different when it comes to medications and how we may react to them. Knowing what triggers your headache after eating is half the battle. There are medications out there to treat headaches. Knowing which medication is right for you can be a daunting task but if you know, what type of headache you have or possibly what is causing them will help you find the right treatment for you.

Talk to your doctor about your symptoms. You may be prescribed a medication to treat your condition. You may need to take an allergy medication for allergies you might have to certain foods. You may have to stop eating certain foods if your allergy is severe enough.

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