Diet for Lowering Cholesterol – Diet for Lowering Cholesterol Guide

A diet for lowering cholesterol may not be as complicated as widely feared. Just a few diet changes, a good combination of supplements, vitamins, herbs, spices, and exercise is all that is needed to get started on a diet for lowering cholesterol. Researching which supplements, vitamins, herbs, spices, exercise and herbal cholesterol medicine are appropriate for each individual diet for lowering cholesterol is important as they all have different benefits that fit each individual’s personal and medical needs.

Supplements and Vitamins

There are many different supplements and vitamins available for many different needs. Finding the right combination depends on a lot of things. A person with extremely high cholesterol and heart problems is going to need a different treatment plan than someone who is taking preventative measures for example. Other health related issues will also influence which supplements and vitamins are chosen as it is not possible to take different supplements and vitamins for each different ailment without causing other problems such as possible overdose.

Some of the vitamins that can lower cholesterol are: niacin, vitamin e and vitamin c. There are also many herbal supplements that can help lowering cholesterol tremendously. New Zealand has many quality natural herbal supplements that can help lower cholesterol and also help with other health issues as well.

Herbs and Spices

As with the supplements and vitamins there are many different herbs and spices that can be added to a diet for lowering cholesterol. Unlike the supplements and vitamins there is no worry about overdosing or causing other health related issues. There are many herbs and spices that can be added to everyday foods to help lower cholesterol. It can actually be fun and exciting to experiment with new ideas and tastes. Many herbs and spices have numerous health benefits, so in essence you can kill two birds with one stone as they say. Some of the herbs and spices that can help reduce cholesterol in the body are: cinnamon, evening primrose, ginseng, tumeric and scullcap.

Foods and Exercise

There are many different foods that may help lower cholesterol. There are enough different foods that can be eaten to help lower cholesterol that the diet for lowering cholesterol does not have to be boring and hard to stick to. Some of those foods are: soy products, celery, onions, extra virgin olive oil, grains, deep sea fish and many vegetables. Those are just a few; research into cholesterol lowering foods can provide a person with many more options to lower their cholesterol. Regular exercise can play a large role in lowering cholesterol as well. There are many varieties of exercises that can be used, such as walking, jogging, bicycling, swimming just to name a few.

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