Diarrhea Remedy- Goldenseal

What is goldenseal?Why is goldenseal a good diarrhea remedy?How much goldenseal do you need to take as a diarrhea remedy?

What Is Goldenseal?

Goldenseal is a native North American plant.

The dried root of goldenseal is used for medicinal purposes.

The medicinal dried root of goldenseal contains unique beneficial substances such as:


Goldenseal contains beneficial health properties, these properties help to:

Improve CirculationBoost ImmunityFight VirusesFight Bacterial Infections

Other then being a good diarrhea remedy, goldenseal can help with the following health conditions:

VomitingThe Common ColdSinusitisShinglesNauseaHerpesFluEye InfectionsCold SoresChronic Fatigue Syndrome Why Is Goldenseal A Good Diarrhea Remedy?

Goldenseal is a good diarrhea remedy because it has a natural anti-diarrhea effect.

Goldenseal helps to return the muscular action within the colon back to normal.

This natural anti-diarrhea effect, is not only good at treating diarrhea, but is also good at treating constipation.

How Much Goldenseal Do You Need To Take As A Diarrhea Remedy?

As a remedy for diarrhea, take 125 mg of goldenseal extract supplements two to four times a day until symptoms had improved.

Warning: if you are pregnant or breast-feeding or suffering from glaucoma or high blood pressure do not take goldenseal.

So, to sum up…

Goldenseal is a native North American plant; the dried root is used for medicinal purposes.

Goldenseal is a good diarrhea remedy because it has a natural anti-diarrhea effect which acts upon the colon, helping it to return back to normal.

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