Choosing an Aftershave

If you are trying to decide what aftershave to buy for yourself then it is no doubt that you are confused with all those names and brands hanging around the shelves. The truth is that although all aftershaves are aimed at doing the same thing, they don’t! Some aftershaves will be incapable of correctly providing the most basic features while some others will more than take care of things you never (theoretically) asked and paid for.

The basic rule of the thumb in aftershaves (as with everything else on the open market) is that you will get what you pay for. This means that if you are willing to pay more, you will get more; if you want to pay less, you will get less.

Along those lines, you are given the chance to either buy some non-brand random aftershave for a very low price or to spend much more and buy the latest word of the ‘aftershave-technology’ with a fashion designers name on it. Of course, there still exists the medium range area witch is located among those 2 extremes; this is suggested for those who simply want to get their job done without spending large amounts of time and money.

The first thing that you must really be careful about is how well the aftershave ‘cooperates’ with your skin. Will it give leave you with a fresh, soft skin or it will irritate your face? This is the hardest thing to decide because it’s hard to judge without trying it but you can always ask for aftershaves that have passed a dermatological check for sensitive skin.

Another thing that you should look while considering to buy an aftershave is weather it is alcohol based or lotion based. The major difference here is that an alcohol based aftershave will give you a mild scent for a very short period of time. This is because alcohol evaporates quite quickly from the skin. On the other hand, a lotion based aftershave will last longer but in turn, it will not give you the bracing effect that the majority of men prefer.

Other aspects of aftershaves include perfume and natural ingredients that will improve your skins look and feel. Aftershaves that ‘boast’ about such features are usually the most expensive ones and it’s not uncommon that they are highly overpriced.

Again, the whole choice is a matter of how much you are willing to pay for. It’s also a matter of a trial and error process where you simply try everything until you find the correct one for you. If you are a ‘maniac’ with your skin then you should really take the time and resources to find what’s best for you. Otherwise, you could simply stick with something cheap and popular.

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