Celebrity Sedu Hair Styles

Hair is indeed a beautiful adornment. We cannot help but admire the thick bluish-black hair of the Indians in the Americas and India. Hair is truly a technical miracle, growing at a rate of a quarter of a millimeter to a half of a millimeter each day. But how can we beautify our hair?

The rage among some celebrities is the Sedu hair styles. Sedu is a play on the words seduce or seductive. The Sedu hair styles is achieved by the use of a Sedu flat iron. This is actually a heating rod made from the precious Tourmaline, used to straighten curly hair.

Did you know that hair mirrors not only what goes on in our minds but also the condition of our body physically.

Individuals who live closer to nature have thicker hair. Our hair becomes finer as we live a life style of refined food away from nature. The best care we can give our hair is a natural way of life with plenty of exercise in the open air and a natural diet. This, along with the Sedu hair styles will produce beautiful hair.

Also, natural foods high in iron, silica, manganese, copper and sulphur are good for the hair, as hair contains these minerals.

For hair that may be balding, the use of lanolin, which contains vitamin F can be beneficial. Lanolin is obtained from sheep wool and can help with scalp problems. Also the use of juice of a freshly cut onion being rubbed into the scalp prior to showering can also encourage re-growth. This is due to the onions high sulphur content. This along with the seduhairstylestips.com/seducelebrity/celebrityseduhairstyles.htm celebrity sedu hair styles, for those who have hair, will help your hair considerably.

Another good hair tonic is an infusion of nettle roots. The nettles help with hair re-growth.

The above are a few examples of celebrity sedu hair styles and hair care.

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