Becoming An Egg Donor – What You Should Know

Deciding to become an egg donor can be a very big and important decision. Egg donation is a relatively new reproduction service that enables women experiencing difficulties conceiving to become pregnant. Whether you came across an ad for egg donation or were asked by a close friend or relative to consider becoming an egg donor, it is imperative that you understand exactly what the process entails and that you make the best decision for you.

Egg donation centers and programs can vary in their criteria for egg donors, but certain specifications are rather standard, such as age. Typically, women considered for egg donation must be at least 21 years of age. This guarantees that the woman is old enough to enter a legally binding contract. The maximum age is usually about 35 years old; this is to ensure that the woman will still respond relatively well to the fertility drugs. The older a woman gets, the bigger the chance her eggs may be anomalous, decreasing the possibility of a pregnancy while increasing the probability of a resulting birth defect. These age restrictions are implemented to ensure that the egg donation process is safe and secure for both the donor and the beneficiary and to increase the chance that a pregnancy will occur.

Once you have applied to become a donor, you may have a number of medical consultations before you are even accepted. Typically these will include a doctor physical, a gynecology exam, blood and urine testing, an evaluation of your medical and family history, and a psychological evaluation. You will then have a chance to discuss with a program or center representative, your rights and responsibilities as a donor.

Once you have been accepted, you then must be matched with the right woman who will be the recipient or your eggs and provide your consent in order for the donation to take place.

Speak with an infertility specialist or representative from an egg donation center to see if becoming an egg donor is right for you. You can also request literature from these infertility clinics or even your state health department to receive unbiased information about the egg donation process.

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