Are There any Solutions to Adult Acne?

The first step for effective solution of adult acne is to keep the face clean at all times. However, this does not mean frequent washing with strong cleansing agents. Patients suffering from adult acne tend to possess drier and more sensitive skin than they did in their teenage. Use of alkaline soaps can further dry out the skin. The use of mild facial cleansers twice or thrice a day is often advised by dermatologists. Vigorous scrubbing must be avoided completely – it irritates the skin and worsens the problem.

Increasing the fluid intake is another step towards the solution of adult acne. Intake of plenty of fluids is absolutely essential in the lowering this medical condition. Almost three liters of water should be consumed per day. If this fluid requirement cannot be met through drinking plain water only, then juicy fruits like watermelon, grapes, and coconut water, orange and other citrus fruits can be used as suitable alternatives. Tea and fresh fruit juice can also help, but coffee must be avoided.

The most vital step in treating adult acne is to eat a properly balanced diet. A diet that is rich in natural fibers and minerals helps in the removal of toxins and wastes from the body. Accumulation of such harmful end products of metabolism can trigger acne in certain cases. Hence, the diet should consist of plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Excessive consumption of friend food and hydrogenated vegetable oil products are harmful for the liver. The liver is the organ that handles elimination of toxins from the body. So taking care of the liver and enabling it to function properly by maintaining a proper diet will go a long way towards the removal of acne.

Before buying cosmetic and skin care products, the patients should check if the products are non-comedogenic. This means that these do not constitute elements that might trigger or aggravate skin conditions like acne. It is best to take the advice of dermatologist before deciding upon the use of a particular product on acne prone skin.

Slight alterations in the daily lifestyle can make great differences in the solution of adult acne. You can lead an acne free life, and stop adult acne from ruling the roost, if you take active measures for solving the problem.

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