Anxiety and Panic Attacks: How to Beat The Anxiety Bully

Anxiety and Panic Attacks…you know how scary they can be. The fear, the worry, the physical sensations of doom including trembling, sweating, feeling like you need to just run away. In today’s society, it seems anxiety and panic attacks are on the rise.


Think about this…we live in a SUPER stimulated society. We have advertisements coming at us at every moment, we live in populated cities with packed traffic and constant noise, we have to work harder and harder to just pay the bills, and the basic demands of life seem to continue to weigh heavier and heavier every day.

It is no wonder we have anxiety and panic attacks drifting in our lives just like the morning air we breathe. Now of course, the main cause is simple…it is STRESS. Sure, we all have it, but the real key is how we handle it.

But deeper down there may be another hidden culprit at hand. Remember those times when you were younger and you knew of someone who was a bully? They were always threatening, they scared you and they made you feel very uneasy.

Hmmm…sounds like anxiety and panic doesn’t it?

As you got older you realized something about this bully. You realized that the bully was actually scared themselves and what they lacked MOST was self-confidence and self-esteem. They didn’t feel good about themselves…so no wonder they were mean to others. In most cases, these types of bullies could be threatening, but what happened when someone actually called their bluff and faced them and took them on?

They backed off.


Sure, it feels threatening, but there is little substance to it.” target=”_blank Anxiety and panic attacks are completely harmless. They are only a figment in your imagination. Sure, the physical aspects of anxiety and panic are real…but once again, they will not kill you.

Want to beat panic attacks and chronic anxiety? Stop the fear. Build your self-confidence and self-esteem. And most of all, don’t let your fearful thinking take over. A thought is just a thought…that is it.

Take on the anxiety and panic attack bully. There is no real threat, the only threat is how you perceive it.

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