Anxiety and Depression Team Up To Take You Down

One of the biggest problems in this world right now is the problem of depression. In fact, the problem is of such proportions that it has just gotten out of control. Any unpleasant event in our lives can cause anxiety but, more often than not, we forget the cause of anxiety and life carries on. However, not everyone forgets the reasons for anxiety and its continuance leads to depression.

There can be a number of possible reasons that lead to problems with depression. These problems, as shown by research studies, have been enumerated below:

1. Lack of proper nutrition leads to depression and anxiety

2. Poor eating habits and too much junk food

3. Shortage of the vitamins and minerals that our body so desperately needs

4. Imbalance in body’s neurotransmitters that can possibly lead to anxiety or depression problems

5. An unhealthy diet leads to depression and anxiety.

6. A lifestyle full of tension

7. Too much of work and lack of sleep

8. Continued problems with partners or family members

Because of a woman’s hormone balance, or rather imbalance, she faces problems with anxiety and depression during her monthly periods. Males are not affected by depression and anxiety as much as females are. The reason for this phenomenon is due to drastic changes in a woman’s hormone levels. Some times, the hormone level shoots way up and then drops way low, causing mood swings, anxiety and depression.

Women will also face hormonal changes during pregnancy and menopause, too. Since men do not experience such drastic shifts in hormone levels, they are not as prone to the anxiety and depression combination that result from them.

Many things can be at the root of anxiety and depression. Without treatment, depression and anxiety can worsen until the root of the problem is buried deep. There are also many contributory factors such as improper diet and lack of sleep. Correcting these problems can help to make it easier to treat the depression and anxiety and find the root cause.

Depression with anxiety is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. There are many different medications to help cope with the symptoms while therapy helps to get to the root cause and deal with it. If you are experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression, seek the advice of your doctor. There is help. You don’t have to continue fighting this battle alone.

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