Advice And Tips On Coping With The Hair Loss Condition Known As Folliculitis

There’s no doubt about it – for most people, losing their hair creates all sorts of negative emotions. Self-confidence seems to disappear with each missing hair, and many people struggle with the idea that their youthful look are disappearing as well. However, even with all these emotional issues, it’s important to realize that hair loss can be caused by a wide range of conditions, some of which can be diagnosed and treated with success. Your doctor will be able to determine if there are any underlying reasons for the hair loss or irritation. So if you’re suffering from hair loss, it’s important to consult your medical professional for an accurate diagnosis, which can then lead into an effective treatment program if applicable.

Flocculates are one condition that can lead to hair loss if untreated. This condition occurs when the hair follicles become infected or inflamed. This condition can basically occur anywhere on the body where you have hair, but is particularly common on the scalp, legs and in the nose. It causes discomfort and significant itching for its sufferers.

As well as causing itchiness and soreness, folliculitis resembles small red pimples, and can result in crusty sores. Doctors will usually prescribe a course of antibiotics in order to treat the condition, in the hope of eradicating the underlying bacterial cause. However if you suffer from a recurrence of folliculitis, taking a second course of antibiotics is unlikely to be as beneficial. Instead it’s recommended that you take more targeted medication, for example minocycline. This can be taken for up to five weeks. It’s also possible to calm the infected area with some type of active lotion.

Avoid excessive rubbing of the affected area, including friction from clothing, as much as possible, particularly if you have sensitive skin. This type of contact will only aggravate the condition further, and may lead to more hair loss or damage. Many sufferers find moisturizing cream useful, as it helps to cool the soreness and itching. This in turn reduces the likelihood of scratching, and so more hair loss. By minimizing the symptoms, the condition can be kept at bay until the patient can seek further medical treatment and assistance.

Folliculitis is not more common in any particular age group, although suffered often have sensitive skin, which is aggravated by shaving. Basically, though, the hair loss is caused by the scratching and itching the infection triggers. The hair also becomes brittle, which makes it much easier to damage and susceptible to sudden loss.

If you find you’re experiencing symptoms similar to those mentioned, then you may find that avoiding frictional contact and using a moisturizer will be enough to reduce the hair loss that’s occurring. However it’s still probably best for you to visit your doctor for a proper diagnosis and further advice. Your doctor has lots of experience in dealing with cases of hair loss, and will be able to recommend the most appropriate treatment program. He can also discuss any of your questions or concerns. What is hair loss and how can it be properly treated? The answer to that question and others like it to include hair loss symptoms and diagnosis can quickly and easily be found at

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