A Weighty Problem

Americans are fat. There’s no denying that the whole country’s been fighting obesity for many years now. TV shows like “The Biggest Loser” and movies like “Super Size Me” have gone a long way to demonstrating that not only it is a problem, but that people are at the point where they are ready and willing to do something about it. However, what business owners might not know is that their employees’ weight problems are hurting business.

Ballooning employees are trimming profits

A study released in April found that overweight workers cost their employers more in injury claims than their healthier colleagues. The fattest workers had 13 times the missed workdays as the healthy workers because of work-related injuries, and their medical claims for the injuries were seven times higher.

Couple the immediate financial losses of injury claims with the future health care costs of weight-related illnesses like diabetes and heart disease, and having a bevy of overweight workers on staff suddenly gets very expensive. However, if employers treat the fatter employees differently from the leaner ones, they’re opening themselves up to discrimination lawsuits.

The Duke University researchers who conducted the study recommended that employers look into sponsoring company fitness programs in order to combat the problem. Though fitness programs may be a bit pricey right off the bat, it will go a long way to saving money in injury claims in the long run.

What to look for

There are a number of fitness programs out there that companies could turn to, but you need to have an idea of what to look for. Traceability would be one of the most important options for a business. If you’re going to be spending several thousand dollars implementing a fitness program, you want to make sure that you can see results.

Look for a program that allows you to log in at any time and keeps you updated on your employees’ progress. It’s good if you can keep track of them on both a group level and on an individual level, as well as by how many pounds and inches they’ve lost.

Also, look for something that will encourage employees to work together in a team effort to lose weight. One of the reasons “The Biggest Loser” is so popular is the teamwork that encourages all the participants to give it their best shot. In turn, the participants cheer for each other in meeting their weight loss goals, something that would boost morale both in and out of the workplace.

It benefits you, too

Sponsoring a fitness program could be a sound financial investment. Not only would it give you healthier and more energized employees in the meantime, it would prevent you from having to pay out costly injury and health care claims later on. For more information about fitness programs and how you can start your own, call (719) 578-3328 or visit physiquetransformation.com/leagueinfo.php PhysiqueTransformation.com.

Ric Rooney has dedicated his life to building lean, healthy bodies. His fitness plan, Physique Transformation, is a no bull, hype-free weight loss and fitness program fueled by the competitive human spirit. He strives to teach people how to get healthy and stay healthy through exercise, sensible eating and friendly competition.

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