7 Tips on How To Get Rid of Stomach Fat

First let me start by saying that fat is not a localized phenomenon, it is spread throughout the body. Unfortunately it shows more on the stomach more than anywhere else. So to reduce fat overall you must follow some kind of diet or exercise regime, I will try make the process simpler by providing you with some very crucial tips in getting rid of your body fat.

1. Eat less-simple, no I do not think so. Over 90% of people wishing to lose weight find dieting the worst part of the whole program. But let me tell you one thing-there is no substitute for not eating right. You have to learn to eat less and in small portions throughout the day. Instead of eating 3 large meals get into the habit of eating 5-6 smaller meals, trust me it is not only fun but has also been found that eating less may actually make you live longer too.

2. Start a weight training plan, research has shown that the more muscles you build the more fat you will be burn when you are resting. So having a strength training in you plan is a must.

3. Do cardio which involves using different equipments, for example do 10 minutes of treadmill and then 20 minutes of cycling and so on. This not helps you get over boredom, but also makes your body more efficient in burning fat.

4. Do change your weight training and cardio plans every month or so, this provides for a much more efficient workout.

5. If you get bored with something-stop doing it and try something new. For example you could do some kind of sport for one month and simple aerobics the next. Just keep doing something-anything.

6. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day, drink plenty of water and fresh fruit juices. This helps you to keep you body replenished and also reduces your hunger pangs.

7. Avoid too much alcohol, mind you I said too much. Having a couple of glasses a day is fair enough, but anything more than that and you will loosing all the benefits of you exercise and diet plan.

So in the end just don’t stress yourself too much with loosing weight-just go ahead and do it. If you follow this program to the dot, I can guarantee you that you will end up loosing a lot of fat and will be more disciplined with your lifestyle.

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