5 Essential Foodstuffs in Your Osteoporosis Diet

One of the crucial things, that is easy and imperative and plausibly make a great impact of your bone’s health, consists of taking the right diet.

Here is what your diet should comprise:

Calcium sources

Dietary sources of calcium consist of:

Milk and dairy products: Skim milk as well as non-fat dairy products are the finest choices. A glass (8 ounce) of milk proves you about 300 mg calcium, 3 of which you must drink a day. Apart from milk, you can also consider taking nonfat yogurt. Certain dairy products like Cottage cheese and American cheese, which are particularly rich in salt, probably do you more harm than good.

Other Calcium-Rich Foodstuffs: These comprise shrimp, canned salmon, almonds, calcium-fortified tofu, calcium-fortified juices and breakfast cereals, green vegetables like broccoli and kale.

Mineral-Rich Fruits and Vegetables

Potassium: It is an important mineral for bone health and may help neutralize harmful effects of protein-rich diets. Good sources of potassium include bananas, prunes and oranges; and vegetables consisting of carrots, alfalfa, spinach, lemon, mushrooms, avocados, broccoli, and potatoes.

Magnesium: Its sources include spinach, potatoes, sole beets and nuts.

Phosphorous, zinc and boron, which are crucial for bone health, are present in fruits and vegetables.

Soy and Animal Protein

The exact role of proteins in prevention of osteoporosis is still uncertain. Certain studies have revealed that people with thinner bones did not have sufficient dietary intake of proteins. Soy, an important vegetable protein has been found to confer protection against bone loss. Soy is also rich in isoflavones (compounds resembling estrogen) and calcium. The beneficial effect of soy can thus, also be attributed to the latter two. However, the fact of utmost importance is that soy is a vital component for bone health.


It has been found that even a minor excess of fat aids has a positive effect on bones probably because fat cells are involved in estrogen synthesis. The best forms of fat that you should take include monounsaturated oils like canola or olive oils. You should avoid saturated fats (present in animal products). Furthermore, although fat may add to bone health, you must not start overeating with this as an excuse. You should always take a well balanced diet as excess fat might lead to various other medical conditions.

Garlic, onions and eggs

These foodstuffs are rich in sulfur, which we require for healthy bones as well as connective tissue.

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