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Oral Bird Flu Vaccine; Does it Really Work?

Having an oral Bird Flu vaccine for the H5N1 human strain could be a godsend for the human race and a potentially profitable situation for Rouche Pharmaceuticals, which produces the Tamiflu vaccine. Recently however this subject came up in an online think tank where one individual states:

“One of my friends who is also incidentally pursuing a career in the medical field confirmed me that the Tamiflu oral suspension in the recent times have not been that effective in treating the bird flu patients, so does this suggest that the H5N1 virus has already developed mutation to the Tamiflu oral suspension?”

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Belief in a God is Necessary for Proper Mental Health?

Some say belief in a God is necessary for proper mental health although they have no proof of this. In fact those who are the most fundamentalist about God are the most dangerous humans in the World.

Let’s take the international terrorists for instance they are very devout and believe in a God, but extremely dangerous and kill innocent people in the name of their God. You see, good people do good things and bad people do bad things and religion unfortunately allows good people to do bad things and use their God to justify.

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Hurricanes Make You Stress; You Must Prevent Aging

It is said that Stress can increase aging and take years off of your life and nothing is more stressful than a hurricane season like the hurricane season we had in 2005. Worse off these large catastrophic hurricane seasons are expected to continue and the 2006 Atlantic tropical hurricane season should be among one of the worst.

Mandatory evacuations that are required by law and can be some the most stressful events that people can endure during tropical hurricane seasons and you’ll need to find a way to alleviate your stress during these times. There are many ways to alleviate Stress and one of them is something that you will not be get to do; you’ll not be able to shop after a large catastrophic hurricane because the power will be out and no businesses will be open and you will not be able to buy gasoline for your car to get to the mall.

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Hurricanes Considerations for Cardio Vascular and Isometric Exercising

During the 2006 Atlantic tropical hurricane season you can expect large catastrophic and large category storms and hurricanes. If a large hurricane comes your way and you realize that evacuation is not such a good idea because all the gasoline is gone and all the hotels are filled up for a 1,000 mile radius and if you’re out of the storm surge zone, perhaps you can stay at home and workout and do in cardiovascular and isometric exercises.

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Read This Article If You Want To Stop Smoking

One of the worst things you can do to your body is to smoke too much. How much is too much? Well, if you smoke, then you are already smoking too much. It is a disgusting habit and you are well aware how it turns off other around you. You may even be turned off yourself with yellow teeth, bad breath and the smoker’s cough. Quitting smoking or any addiction really is hardly and easy thing to do. I once had a friend and he use to joke as he said he had the record for quitting smoking? I said how so? He told me he quite smoking over 1100 times. I laughed and we both got a chuckle but really it is kind of sad, because he later got lung cancer. Bummer, he was a good man; everyone loved him.

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Hurricane Hairdo and Beauty Considerations

Most meteorologists and weather predictions are stating now that the 2006 Atlantic tropical hurricane season will be one of the largest on record and that means it will be a bad hair day. You need to consider a new hurricane hairdo to maintain your image during the hurricane season.

You can expect very hot and high winds from tropical storms, tropical depressions and of course the small and large category hurricanes. Even if you evacuate during mandatory evacuation; you may still experience high winds up to 1000 miles away from where the hurricane actually makes landfall and you may not have time to keep brushing your hair every five minutes or more and keep it perfect. Therefore you must maintain a hairstyle, which is conducive to very high and hot winds so that your hair falls back into place effortlessly. This is why the hurricane hairdos and other beauty considerations are among the top priorities for women during the 2006 Atlantic tropical hurricane season.

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Read this Article if You Just Want to Be Thin Again

Do you just really want to be thin again? Yet you have tried all the diets and do not need to be reminded of the unsightly holiday belly bulge or the “Lose Weight Now, ask us how!” commentary? Have you tried the Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, Paris Hilton Diet, but you keep going back to the all you can eat; see food diet? Well you are not alone and they say losing weight is as difficult as trying to quit smoking. We talked to one gentleman who quit smoking 1100 times over a twenty-year period. He finally did stop smoking, God rest his soul.

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AIDS Crisis in Africa – A Monster That Must Be Stopped

Stopping AIDS is something that has been on everyone’s prayer list at some time or another and not just those praying to their Christian God, people from around the world feel the pain as our Global Neighbors battle the most insidious Monster of the present period; AIDS.

Have you ever heard the story about the boy throwing starfish on the beach back into the water? Well not long ago in an online interview I asked one of the Executives at KENWA what they were doing to stop AIDS? I was pleasantly surprised as she illuminated the plan, which was akin to a “Woman Who Refuses to Quit” who stands on the beach throwing Starfish washed ashore back into the water and soon everyone starts doing the same thing and helping in the worthy cause.

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Drug Abuse in the First World is Serious

How bad is Drug Abuse in the United States of America? How can we stop abuse of drugs with our young people? Why is the war on drugs a lost cause? Is legalization of drugs the right solution? What will we do in the future as all these folks in their teens or still young adults hit their middle thirties and need new Heart Valves? How can our already over taxed health care system handle it? All good questions indeed.

The answers are not so easy however, as drug abuse in the US is a huge problem and small businesses constantly complain about the drug problems and difficulty in hiring labor. The war on drugs seems to be a dead end game. If we stop the drugs from Mexico, we hurt legal trade with more barriers to entry and even if we do, most of the Meth is home grown in the cities and towns near where it is used anyway.

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