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Uncover Sciatica Causes

Sciatica Causes

Many different sciatica causes exist. Sciatica, a symptom of a diagnosed condition, can stem from a number of ailments. Though sciatica leg pain is the most common complaint, not all individuals will experience it. For example, in piriformis syndrome, discomfort and pain are most often felt in the buttocks and hip area. Sometimes in the case of a herniated disc, the pain can occur solely in the foot or calf. Manifestations of sciatica can vary just as the number of sciatica causes.

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Effective Stretching Routine Helps Avoid Injury for Adults Over 40 Who Enjoy Competitive Sports

If you have reached your mid-40′s and you enjoy playing in tennis, basketball or racketball leagues, there is a good chance that you have experienced lower back pain. Although you may not feel much different than you did in your 20′s, your body has, in fact, changed and your exercise routine needs to change as well.

Assuming you have no significant medical issue such as a herniated disc or ligament tear, and you follow your doctor’s advice about exercise, there is no reason why you cannot remain competitive in your leagues for many years to come.
An effective warm up routine help prevent strains and sprains and may help prevent more serious injuries

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Herniated Discs

Do you suffer from herniated disc, or degenerative disc, sciatica,or spinal arthritis? Have you gone from doctor to doctor and get no relief from it, all they do give you shots and send you home with drugs to take, that only last for a few hours and then you are popping more pills? Have you had back surgery and the pain is still there?

Then maybe you are looking in the wrong place for back pain relief. I have two herniated disc, also sciatica and have been through the shots in the spine, taking pain pills and muscle relaxers and they only lasted a short time. I have gone to chiropractors and had acupuncture also. They only lasted a short time.

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The Back – Chronic Lower Pain

The lower back, known also as the Lumbar region, consists of 5 vertebrae, the sacrum and the coccyx, and is located in the lower third of the spinal cord.

Dense rings of cortical bone, vertebrae have a body shaped like an hourglass; they protect the spinal cord. The lumbar vertebrae supports all weight in the upper body, and therefore feels the highest amount of stress of all the vertebrae in the spine.

The sacrum and coccyx are found at the spine’s base; they’re a group of bones fused together. They are theorized to be bones which once formed a tail in the early evolution of humans.

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