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Is Acupuncture Good for Treating Fibromyalgia?

There have been many research studies carried out and which support the use of acupuncture for treating various pain and fatigue disorders and certainly it seems that acupuncture has a lot to offer to those who suffer from fibromyalgia. Unfortunately because of the difference in an acupuncturist’s diagnosis and then treatment of disorders the studies that are carried out can be quite challenging. Where as with a normal western doctor they will usually prescribe the same treatment for everyone with the same disorder, whilst an acupuncturist will assess each patient in terms of their specific imbalance. For example, if say 10 people with fibromyalgia who are treated by an acupuncturist will more than likely give a different diagnosis for each one, and therefore will end up receiving their own customized treatment.

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Does Natural Pain Relief Really Exist?

Everyone will suffer pain at some point in their lives. Grim as this may sound, some pain is necessary – it’s a signal from our brain that something is wrong in our body, something we need to address to protect our health and well-being. It can be caused by anything from a dental cavity to a broken bone to a disease. Once we determine where the pain is coming from, we can diagnose and address the health problem, thus alleviating the pain.

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How I’m Losing Weight Automatically

So you really need to lose a few extra pounds that have accumulated over the
years. Like me You’ve tried every diet in the book. I have tried Atkins
Diet, Weight Watchers, Dr Phil, a soup diet and I could go on and on and
either they didn’t work or I lost interest and went off the darn diet.

Well what if you could lose the weight automatically. How I’m Losing Weight
Automatically is so easy, simple and great tasting. Yes I said great tasting.

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Pain Anatomy 101: How Pain Works, And How Your Subconscious May Be Able to Short-Circuit It

In building a strategy for pain relief it may be helpful to understand how pain works. Here’s a quick primer to help you grasp the mechanics, and show you the points where your subconscious may be able to intervene to relieve your pain.

Science doesn’t fully understand how pain signals are generated in the periphery of the body and transmitted to the brain. But it knows the major mechanisms well enough to be able to identify a number of weak points where the signals could be reduced or interrupted. These can be referred to as pain leverage points.

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Handling Your Parental Responsibilities When You Have CFS or Fibromyalgia

If you are a parent, you understand that your child often needs your full attention and efforts. If you have CFS or fibromyalgia, you be limited in what activities you can participate in as a parent. This can be difficult for both you and your child. Below are several tips in handling your parental responsibilities when you have CFS or fibromyalgia.

Small children often want their parents to play with them outside in active games. For parents with CFS or fibromyalgia, this can be impossible. The very act of physical play can exert all the energy you have and exhaust you for the rest of the day. What can you do? Realize that handling your parental responsibilities when you have CFS or fibromyalgia means you will have to make difficult compromises. On certain days, you will have to say no. On other days, you can modify the activity. You will need to make difficult decisions so that you can best care for your child on a daily basis.

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Diabetes… Sweet Story of Healing

In a time not too long ago, there lived a little girl named Lindsey. (Real story.)

She was born on the pale side of health and never seemed to get better. At six she was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes.

Then began the scramble to save her life. Heavy doses of insulin. Seventeen different drugs.

But nothing worked. Gradually her listless body began to shut down. First the bladder. Then the kidneys. Then the liver.

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Fibromyalgia and Insulin Resistance

Do you have symptoms that relate to an insulin imbalance? If you have fibromyalgia, look and see if you also have hypoglycemia, insulin resistance, or diabetes symptoms. These types of blood sugar imbalances can cause fibromyalgia pain to get worse. Blood sugar imbalances cause insulin absorption problems that can affect your health especially if you have fibromyalgia.

Insulin has many roles in the body. It maintains sugar levels in our cells where we create energy. If we cannot get sugar into the cells we become tired more easily. Overtime this can lead to hypersensitivity to pain that is associated with fibromyalgia.

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Doctor…My Body Hurts. There’s Pain In Every Joint… What’s Causing It?

Joint pain causes can be divided into several categories.

Infections such as viruses (in particular, parvovirus) can cause a type of arthritis. Bacteria such as gonococcus (the bug that causes gonorrhea) and Borrelia, the organism that causes Lyme disease, are well known infectious causes for joint pain.

Trauma is an obvious cause. This can range from an athletic injury occurring more than 30 years ago leading to osteoarthritis in the knee to a whiplash injury that happened yesterday accounting for total body stiffness and pain today!

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Emu Oil, Nature’s Multi-Tasker

Emu Oil has been widely used by the Australian Aborigines for centuries for its healing & beautifying properties. The western world is catching up now though and finding just how much of a “miracle” this oil is.

Emu Oil is loaded with Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) our bodies DO NOT produce but need daily. Omega 3, 6 & 9 have become synonymous with health. With all the media exposure of EFA’s, many people are now looking for healthy ways to get these vital components into their daily life. Emu Oil is the answer and no mercury contamination either.

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Fibromyalgia – Healing From Within

If you are reading this article, most likely you or someone close to you suffers from fibromyalgia. You may be fed up, tired of the endless search for a treatment and missing the healthy life you once loved.

I know what you are going through. I am acutely aware of this struggle. As an active sixteen-year old high school student, I began to experience the debilitating symptoms of fibromyalgia. I felt victimized as I could no longer participate in running cross-country, playing soccer, and waterskiing in the summers. Some invisible force, it seemed, had taken over my body and I felt powerless to intervene. Using a wheelchair because I could not walk long distances and sleeping fourteen hours each day characterized my lowest point. Frustration came easily, especially as I walked the long confusing road in search of treatment. Effective treatment varies from person to person, but one strategy I have found univerally applicable.

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