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Acupuncture and Pimples

Chinese medicine is unique in its totally different approach to treatment compared to western standards. The use of acupuncture for pimples evidences this difference.

A pimple is a general term given to several types of skin disorders that usually result from clogged pores. The most severe forms of the condition can lead to large and painful cysts that often leave scarring. Aside from this, the condition rarely poses any other health threat. It does cause a bit of a self esteem problem especially in younger people. Although the lesions often appear on the back and chest areas, the face is the most common area for acne outbreaks.

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Do You Dream Of Having Clear Skin?

Acne: An inflammation of the sebaceous (oil) glands just beneath the surface of the skin, causing pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and, in extreme cases, infected cysts and scarred skin. Acne is a disorder that usually starts during puberty.

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Cystic Acne and Some Natural Treatments

More severe cases of acne tend to be characterized not just by the presence of pimples and blemishes, but also by the formation of nodules or cysts. Acne that involves the development of cysts is called cystic acne.

A cystic acne lesion is much larger than a regular pimple, sometimes 5mm or more in diameter. These lesions can be hard and painful. Cystic acne lesions are filled with pus but should not be squeezed. Squeezing a cystic lesion can lead to a worse infection and inflammation. The lesions are prone to scarring and should be taken care of by a dermatologist, who often uses procedures to reduce swelling and to lessen the likelihood of scar formation.

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Acne Scars

Acne sufferers can sometimes receive a double wallop of skin problems to deal with. Not only do they have to fend off the lesions that are a part of acne, but they can also have scars to contend with after the lesions are gone.

Acne is caused when pores (actually hair follicles) clogged by oil and dead skin cells cause bacteria to be produced, which can lead to pimples. This most often happens during the teen years when the hormone changes lead to excess sebum (oil) production.

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Best Water Filters

The best water filters in the market usually vary according to individual likings and preferences. It entirely depends upon what types of filter you are looking for. Currently, there are filters for refrigerators, ice makers, showers, portable versions, etc. Best water filters are available in all shapes and sizes and can also be mounted in various locations throughout your house. However, water filters are usually purchased for the kitchen area. However, many go for a water filter that is attached to the sink faucet. This is an enviable option because in addition to having pure drinking water, you have clean water for washing dishes, hands or food products. Only you can decide which filter will work best for you.

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Women Infertility – Fertility Tests for Women

The first step that needs to be taken in regards to tests for women is make sure that ovulation is occurring every month. If it is not then this could explain the problem. There is more than one way to find this out. A woman can check her ovulation at home by using a basal body temperature to make note of any changes that occur in her morning body temperature over a period of several months. Another option is to record the texture of the cervical mucus she has over a period of many months. There are also home ovulation test kits that can be purchased at grocery stores or pharmacies. A physician can also check a female patient’s ovulation by way of blood tests and also if necessary, an ultrasound of the ovaries. If the patient is found to be ovulating as she is supposed to be, then other tests will need to be conducted.

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Gynecomastia Cure

Gynecomastia is a condition where a man has enlarged breasts. The “man breasts” are caused by fatty and glandural tissues in the chest area. It is unclear what causes these excessive tissues to form but it affects more men than people actually realize. Studies have shown that no single factor causes this condition.

Aging and obesity can contribute to the enlargement of the male breasts. When men age, production of the male hormones declines which results in the enlargement of the breasts. Obesity can lead to excess fats being deposited in the chest area. Cysts, blood clots and breast cancer can also lead to the enlargement of the breasts. A doctor can make the necessary diagnosis to determine if you have a much deeper medical problem than just fatty glands. Males with XXY chromosomes can also have enlarged breasts because of the over-production of female hormones such as estrogen.

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Using Topical Treatments for Acne

Acne is something that is a source of embarrassment to the one who suffers from it. Well, all is not lost in this modern age where research in science helps to cure and control a number of diseases and the same goes for acne.

Let’s take a look at how lasers are used to treat acne. It helps in treating the scars caused by acne. Doctors are also trying to experiment with lasers to see if they can control acne. So they try to burn away the hair follicle sac, or the gland which produces sebum or they try and form oxygen in the bacteria because this kills them. All this is still in an experimental stage so it is not sure if laser treatment could cause any other kind of harm to the skin or not.

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Acne Treatment – What Types Of Surgical Procedures Are Used To Treat Acne?

Many times acne becomes difficult to treat with topical and oral medication. It does not give response to the treatment and doctors’ resort to small surgical procedures to treat acne and reduce pain. Cystic and nodulastic acne become quite painful because of inflammation and infection. With surgery this pain is alleviated. Let us know more about the kind of surgical procedures commonly used to treat acne.

Acne Treatment-surgical drainage

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What to Juice and Why: Vegetable Juices

During a juice fast, select juicing materials and teas specific to your health conditions. Most of the people I see in my practice do well on Dr. D’Adamo’s, Eat Right for Your Type Diet ( Because of this, I recommend juicing those fruits on the Highly Beneficial and Neutral Foods Lists specific to your blood type.

Organic vegetables are the best type to use, but if you can’t find or afford those, wash whatever you can find thoroughly before juicing them. And, if you don’t know your blood type, here is a short list of vegetables juices with the maladies they are good for:

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